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Discussion in 'The Rink' started by 2fast4u2*, Dec 27, 2010.

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    How many NHLers actually use this stuff? Also i seen on a commercial yesterday watching the JR's 3M has there new tape out and it is used by alot of the Jrs. How many of you guys use the one piece stuff?
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    What do you mean one piece stick tape? I just use regular Renfrew on the blade and Tacki Mac rubber grips up top. I've heard the 3M tape isn't great and is expensive, the tacky grip stuff is okay but also expensive and doesn't last long. Personally I re-tape after every game and I'm fine.
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    I don't use the one piece tape (he's referring to something TackiMack sells called the attack pad, other companies have their variations) but I do tape my blade that way. People around here call it the eric cole method, I believe. It saves me from buying tape all the time and it works great for outdoor roller hockey...I'm sure it would be fine for ice too, although you'd be risking the durability of the bottom of your blade.
  4. 2fast4u2*

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    I have four different Warrior stciks so i am not sure which one i would use it on just yet,probably the Dolomite.

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