Odds of a Mike Gillis -Alain Vigneault GM coach Tandem?

Discussion in 'Seattle' started by crobro, Apr 1, 2019.

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    My guess is 30 percent

    Mike Gillis and his experience with Vancouver’s corporate market will benefit Seattle as they build and make aware their Brand.I could think of a Dozen large corporations in Vancouver that would find it profitable to invest Their Brand in the Seattle area.

    Vigneault is a good coach period.
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    I'll give it 10%. I liked them both when they were operating in Vancouver, but I suspect the allure of leaving your initial mark on a new franchise is appealing to quite a few GM candidates, and to a lesser extent coaching candidates. That being said, I think Gillis and Vigneault each had their flaws. Gillis' record of drafting was pretty ugly (I put some blame on the head of scouting at that time, Ron Delorme, but Gillis ultimately made the final calls) and he handed out NTC like candy (which actually could have compensated for bigger cap hits and helped ice some very veteran cup-contending teams). Vigneault was known to be a very hands-off coach when it came to intermission engagement with the team- again, something that suited very experienced, talented teams that were used to winning and had strong leadership like the Canucks around their Presidents Trophy years, but not at all something I would want if Seattle starts off with a lot of youth or some solid players known for steady leadership. I do think Vigneault's style of quickly transitioning up the ice suits today's game very well, but depending what the team's player composition looks like, a guy like Quenneville may be a better fit (assuming he was interested in the job).

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