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Discussion in 'Mock Drafts' started by HatTrick Swayze, May 16, 2007.

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  1. HatTrick Swayze

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    Jun 16, 2006
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    Hey guys

    Here's my attempt at an 07 mock. It's the first I've ever done, please let me know what you think.


    1. Chicago – Patrick Kane
    Chicago takes the guy who most scouts consider to be the best player in this draft. Possesses an NHL caliber wrist shot, an excellent scoring touch and speed to burn. His excellent showing at the WJCs really cemented this pick.
    2. Philadelphia – James vanRiemsdyk
    Philadelphia opts for the Jersey boy, the player who many see as the "safest" pick in the draft. JVR's release and accuracy have many scouts drooling over his NHL goal scoring capabilities. JVR also plays a solid all around game and has few glaring weaknesses.
    3. Phoenix – Kyle Turris
    Turris has the potential to be a top line center in the NHL. Although Phoneix already has a top center prospect in Muller, they select Turris because they consider him to be the BPA, and are very pleased to add him to their roster.
    4. Los Angeles – Alexi Cherepanov
    Los Angeles gets their man in Cherepnaov, a high scoring winger who reminds some scouts of Pavel Bure. The Kings ignore recent reports of "attitude issues" and wait for the day when Cherepanow will flank Kopitar on their top line.
    5. Washington – Karl Alzner
    Washington is upset that Cherpanov, who would have looked good opposite of Ovechkin, is off the board. However, these feelings do not last very long, as they add a potential #1 defenseman to their roster in Karl Alzner. A steady blueliner who can lead the PP and the PK, Alzner will be a hit in Washington for years to come.
    6. Edmonton – Jakub Voracek
    Edmonton sprints to the podium in excitement to select a player they had in the top three of their draft board - Voracek. Voracek is a dynamic winger the has great speed and can play in all situations. They see a little of Alex Hemsky in Voracek, one of their hometown favorites.
    7. Columbus – Sam Gagner
    Many are surprised when Columbus announces their pick of Gagner, as many had expected them to opt for a defenseman. But Columbus takes the high scoring Knight, feeling that Gagner's playmaking abilities had more to do with his production then Patrick Kane's presence.
    8. Boston – Logan Couture
    Boston would have taken Gagner if available, but they are more than content to pick up center Logan Couture. They feel Couture is a relatively "safe" pick and like his combination of defensive awareness and playmaking ability.
    9. St. Louis – Keaton Ellerby
    St. Louis originally intended to take a forward here, but ultimately decided that it would be a mistake to let Ellerby slip any further. The Blues like Ellerby's skating ability and solid defensive play, and see him as a perfect partner for Erik Johnson.
    10. Florida – Kevin Shattenkirk
    The Panthers get their man in BU bound Kevin Shattenkirk, an offensive defenseman who reminds them of Scott Niedermayer. They like Shattenkirk's potential and his play at the U18 worlds, and think that Jack Parker's influence will be great for his development.
    11. Carolina – Ryan McDonagh
    Carolina is ecstatic to pick up McDounagh, aka Mr. Hockey. With the loss of Jack Jonhson, the Hurricanes really wanted to pick up a defenseman and got a great one in the mobile and adaptive McDounagh.
    12. Montreal – Angelo Esposito
    Montreal is very pleased to come away with Esposito, who they saw as a top-5 talent. The Habs feel that his character issues are overblown and refuse to let Espo fall any further.
    13. Toronto – Lars Eller
    The Leafs nab the big, raw center Eller, who they see as a perfect replacement for Mats Sundin. Eller's complete game reminds them of Kopitar, and they feel he fits in very nicely with their system.
    14. Colorado - Zach Hamill
    This pick came as a shock to a few observers, as they had Billy Sweat penciled in for Colorado's pick. Sweatt was strongly considered, but ultimately Colorado decided upon the skilled playmaking centerman who will learn a great deal from playing with Joe Sakic.
    15. Edmonton - Nick Petrecki
    Edmonton happily picks up Petrecki, a big defenseman who hits like a truck and has a canon of a slapper. They compare Petrecki with Dion Phaneuf, Calgary's defensive monster terrorizing them from across Alberta. Petrecki's commitment to Boston College is an added bonus, as the Oilers feel that Jerry York's coaching and the strength of BC's team will boost his development.
    16. Anaheim – Mikael Backlund
    Anaheim takes Backlund, the skilled Swedish Center who at times appeared to be a top-10 talent. If Backlund can put it all together, this could wind up being one of the biggest steals of the day.
    17. New York Rangers – Bill Sweatt
    The Rangers are quite pleased to pick up Sweatt, who is considered to be a very "safe" prospect. Sweatt's blazing speed, scoring ability, and defensive awareness as well as impressive performances at the WJC and U18 tournaments have the Rangers penciling him into their top 6.
    18. Calgary – Max Pacioretty
    Calgary decides on Pacioretty, one of the few true power forwards in this class. Pacioretty is a bit of a project, but his size and raw skill is very attractive.
    19. Minnesota – Brandon Sutter

    Sutter is a player who would fit in very nicely with Minneosta's system - and at 19 is an absolute steal. Sutter has sound skating abilities and is great in the defensive end.
    20. Pittsburgh – Oscar Moller
    Pittsburgh opts for Moller, a high energy, high scoring speedster. The Penguins feel that Moller will look great playing wing with any one of their elite centers.

    21. Phoenix – Maxim Mayorov
    22. Montreal – Jon Blum
    23. Philadelphia – Colton Gilles
    24. St. Louis – Jim O’Brien
    25. Vancouver – Alex Plante
    26. St. Louis – Luca Cunti
    27. Ottawa – Patrick White
    28. Detroit – Thomas Hickey
    29. Edmonton – Joakim Andersson
    30. Washington – Jeremy Smith
  2. Judas Tavares

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    Feb 9, 2007
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    Very good mock. Interesting what you say about Eller.
  3. Fat Elvis

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    I highly doubt LA picks up the Russian. With recent comments from Lombardi about them signing Jan Marek, DL thinks it's hard to compete with Russian teams paying their players "tax Free" 2 mil+ saleries. DL will choose Alzner or Vorecek over the Russian, I'll even give odds ;), or the pick will be moved.
  4. i think it's a good mock draft, but i don't like the players you picked for Montréal.

    Esposito, normally i like québécois players but i've heard too much negative things about him, i don't want the habs to draft him.

    Blum, he has great offensive skills, but he's too thin, i don't think i want the habs to draft a thin dman. i prefer Shattenkirk (but i think he'll be gone before 22nd) or Hickey.
  5. Redwingsfan

    Redwingsfan Global Moderator

    Jul 15, 2006
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    i dont think washington will pick smith.

    1. they allready have varlamov and neuvirth who are both better then smith.

    2. he is NOT the BPA.

    i dont think plante or o'brien will be picked in the first round either.

    gillies. i hate him, but he will most likely be a first rounder.

    other then that i like what you have done. good job :handclap:
  6. kaje320

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    May 24, 2007
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    i would be very surprised if vancouver took a d-man in the first round
  7. Redwingsfan

    Redwingsfan Global Moderator

    Jul 15, 2006
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    if they have a d-man on top of their list when its their turn to pick they will pick him.

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