nhl free agents and 2003 draft

Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by neg marron, Jun 12, 2005.

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    with the expected signing frenzy by nhl clubs especially teams like boston with only 4 players under contract will the 2003 draft class unsigned players be included in this tornado signing frenzy
  2. Liquidrage*

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    That would require a huge assumption that teams are going to not have time to sign players drafted in 2003 that they have not yet signed.

    I'd be totally shocked if they aren't given a month or two to get them signed. Of course the dates could change based on when a deal gets done, when the draft is set for, etc...

    Just remember, what would let them become FA's was set in the prior CBA, and so their future is going to be bargained on just like everything else. I wouldn't be shocked if they were put back under the old rookie salary structure like what happened last time. But I seriously doubt they are just let go without any time for teams to get a deal done.

    The silver lining for those holding "Free the 2003 drafties" and "We want Carter and Richards" picket signs, is that realisitically, the players might not have lots of incentives to sign with the teams that drafted them. The wait to become FA's or go back in the draft might not be as long as normal. Heck, depending on what happens they might not have to even miss a game to do it. But they might be losing money since I wouldn't be shocked if they were grandfathered into higher pay if they sign with who drafted them.
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