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Do You think This Rule Was Too Long In Coming or Was Right to be Implemented Now?

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  1. AttackSound

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    Owen Sound, Ontario
    OHL Announces Implementation of Expanded Video Review Measures – Ontario Hockey League

    This is something I think that is long overdue in the OHL.

    Since video review has come into the league there has been advantages and disadvantages in games, I get the officials want to get the calls right and the speed of the game has increased with the skill of the game.

    Looking at what the steps are in place now, if it gives an equal advantage to getting the call right on the ice then I welcome this measure being added.
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  2. StingDrone

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    It took way too long for the OHL to figure out that cameras on the blue lines would be an effective way to check for offsides. This should have been implemented at the same as the goal line cameras. Put the responsibility for these in one person - call him a video linesman. He can watch the video after each goal, check the video and signal onside or offside to the penalty box. This should take 10 seconds or less and keep the game going.

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