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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Fan.At, Jul 1, 2006.

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    HFNHL Preds
    Erik Johnson 1st round, 1st overall
    The can't miss prospect of this draft. Some say he is ready to go. Big strong defenseman featuring great skating and skills as well as a timely mean streak.

    Jesse Joensuu 1st round, 19th overall
    The big finnish winger is one of the wildcards in this draft. Dropped from being rated in the top 3 to a mid to late 2nd rounder. We take a chance on him early and hope he can fullfill his Tomas Holmström like potential.

    Jamie McGinn 2nd round, 34th overall
    The Nashville Predators scouting staff was anxious to see if McGinn would drop to their 2nd round pick and they were happy he did. The guy is full of heart and drive and with a developing skillset he can end up as a very valuable contributor.

    Luke Lynes 3rd round, 62nd overall
    Big winger with great hands but skating issues. It was a bit of a stretch selecting him at this point, but he has skills you can't teach.

    John Armstrong 3rd round, 64th overall
    Another rather risky pick with big potential. Armstrong can do it all. He has the size, the skating and the hockey sense to be a top 6 winger in the NHL, but consistency is an issue at this point.

    Matt Beleskey 3rd round, 80th overall
    Budding powerforward has to work on his skating, but his raw upside is decent. Has a mean streak and will do everything to win.

    Semen Varlamov 3rd round, 85th overall
    A potential steal at this point of the draft, Varlamov is a goalie with very quick reflexes. The best goalie prospect out of Russia since Ilya Bryzgalov.

    Alex Biega 4th round, 94th overall
    A small defenseman with great skating ability, hockey instincts and skills, Biega was the Predators scouting staff absolute favorite. Has intriguing upside and will further develop at Harvard College.

    Rhett Rakhshani 4th round, 108th overall
    Another smallish player, Rakhshani is full of heart. His skating ability and skills are great, could be a great pro once he gets bigger.

    Logan Pyett 5th round, 123rd overall
    Another highly intelligent, playmaking defenseman, Pyett also is solid in his own end. With further development, Pyett could become a good player at the next level.

    Dustin Jeffrey 5th round, 124th overall
    Very skilled offensive player with decent size and skating ability, Jeffrey could have been a victim for playing on a weak team and therefore being passed over in the NHL draft.

    Mitch Fadden 5th round, 131 overall
    Small but quick forward has excellent vision and playmaking ability. If he continues to improve like he did late last season, his future looks promising.

    Chad Greenan 6th round, 151st overall
    A very good overall defenseman, Greenan displays solid work ethic, safe plays and an offensive upside. Surprisingly was passed over in the NHL draft.

    Jonathan Matsumoto 6th round, 153rd overall
    An older player, but seems to be a good fit for the new NHL. Very fast, good agility and good vision, Matusmoto could be a contributor sooner rather than later.

    Tony Romano 6th round, 154th overall
    One of the best skating forwards in this draft, Romano also possesses soft hands and could be one of the steals. Will play for Cornell University.

    Kai Kantola 6th round, 178th overall
    In the NHL draft passed over, but displays a lot of character and grit and has the size for this style. Has to improve his skating.

    Tyler Swystun 7th round, 185th overall
    Off the board pick. A small, but gritty player with solid skills and great skating ability, Swystun choose the hard road and will have to show he can gain a spot in the top six for Michigan before more can be said about his upside.

    Parker Van Buskirk 7th round, 199th overall
    Off the board pick. Van Buskirk was one of only 2 rookie goalies in the OHL and played for a weak team, but has great abilities.
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