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Discussion in 'Mock Drafts' started by cjbhab*, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. cjbhab*

    cjbhab* Guest

    This is my mock draft. I also have RCGP's mock up at

    This is my first ever real mock, so bare with me, lol

    1. St Louis Blues Select Erik Johnson
    Erik Johnson is rated number one among North American Skaters. He is a great two way defencemen and he leads by example. I myself believe that Pittsburgh and St. Louis will swap picks. This player could be a franchise player in the future and if I was rebuilding, I would try and build my team around this guy. His skating ability is unreal and he has a great shot. I would be very surprised if he does not go first overall.

    2. Pittsburgh Penguins Select Jordan Staal.
    A Crosby, Staal, Malkin line would be fabulous. Staal may be the best of the four brothers. Staal had a point per game this year in Peterborough and helped lead them to the Memorial Cup Final. This guy is unbelievable and can only get better here on in.

    3. Chicago Blackhawks select : Jonathan Toews:
    Toews is a great two way player with tremendous skill. International Scouting Service has him ranked number two.

    4. Washington Capitals select: Phil Kessel
    Phil Kessel is very exciting to watch. A year ago the 2006 Draft was touted as "The Phil Kessel Draft" Since then Phil Kessel falls to fourth overall and gets the chance to play with a superstar in Alexander Ovechkin. Kessel has great offensive flare and is a sure-fire NHLer.

    5. Boston Bruins select: Nicklas Backstrom
    Backstrom is the Swedish Elite Leagues rookie of the year. Backstrom has great hockey sense and is the number one Euro in the draft. This guy has the ability to make great plays. He has good offensive skill.

    6. Columbus Blue Jackets select: Jiri Tlusty
    Jiri Tlusty is a player who gives 100% everytime he is on the ice. This year he played for Kladno in CZE.

    7. Long Island selects: Peter Mueller
    This guy is unbelievable. He is great offensively and brings amazing skill to the table. In my opinion, Mueller should be ranked higher. He had a great year for Everett in the WHL.

    8. Phoenix Coyotes Select: Derick Brassard
    Derick Brassard if I am not mistaken scored the most points last year out of anyone in the draft. Brassard is awesome! Brassard is a threat to score everytime he steps out on the ice. Brassard has phenomenal speed and an accurate shot.

    9. Minnesota selects: Kyle Okposo
    Okposo was born in St. Paul Minnesota, The Wild will draft him in light of him being a hometown boy. He is an awesome 2 way player who is very physical when he needs to be.

    10. Florida Panthers Select: Michael Frolik
    Frolik has great skill and speed. This guy can make plays. Sure he may not have had the greatest season this year, but do not let that discourage you, this guy is the real deal.

    11 LA Kings Select: Bon Sanguinetti
    Adds a lot to the Kings blueline.

    12. Atlanta Thrashers Select Chris Stewart
    Brother of Anthony, good size, a good power forward.

    13. Toronto Maple Leafs Select: Bryan Little
    Small Centre who isn't afraid to get dirty.

    14. Vancouver Canucks Select James Sheppard
    Canucks will be pleased he lasted this long, 84 pts in 66 games this year. This guy can score.

    15. Tampa Bay Lightning Select: Jonathan Bernier, the best goalie in the draft. His save % has been above .900 his whole junior hockey career.

    16. Montreal Canadiens Select:Ty Wishart
    Habs add some great defense in to the system with Wishart. Finally.

    17. Minnesota Wild Select: Mike Forney
    Another Minnesota born player, right out of highschool.

    18. Colorado Avalanche Select: Cory Emmerton
    Colorado gets the scorer they need. This guy was dominant in Kingston this year.

    19. Anaheim Mighty Ducks select: Chris Summers
    Ducks get a hard working defensemen.

    20. San Jose Sharks Select: Mark Mitera
    Sharks get a good defensmen to protect the fort. Just what they need.

    21. New York Rangers Select Patrick Berglund
    His stock has gone up a lot this year.

    22. Philadelphia Flyers Select: Ben Maxwell
    This kid has great talent, is a fast skater, makes good decisions and plays a great two-way game

    23. Washington Capitals Select: Riku Helenius
    They need this guy to come in once Kolzig is done.

    24. Buffalo Sabres select: David Fischer
    Good speed, great d-man who can log a lot of minutes.

    25. New Jersey Devils select: Ivan Vishnevsky
    Ivan has a good shot and good speed, He gets involved in the play everytime he is on the ice. A great d-man for the devils.

    26. Calgary Selects: Ryan White
    White won't ever be a top scorer in the NHL, but is an asset to all teams.

    27. Dallas Stars Select: Alexander Vasyuonov
    Vasyuonov could be the Dallas Stars next big thing! He can score and make plays but he is inconsistent.

    28. Ottawa Senators select Michael Grabner.
    Grabner had a great year in spokane playing for a team that is basically a joke. He put up numbers on a terrible team. He was the team.

    29. Detroit Redwings select: Ondrej Fiala
    Good speed, good size, I project him as a second liner in the NHL.

    30. St Louis Blues Select: Nick Foligno
    This guy plays hard every night and his numbers show it. Foligno will be a great checking forward in the NHL.
  2. yotes4eva

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    Jun 20, 2006
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    i like brassard to the yotes
  3. KH1

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    Apr 5, 2004
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    Under the cap floor
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    I like your pick of Tlusty to the Blue Jackets and not just because it will allow Mueller to fall to the Isles. I think that he is the prospect most likely to surprise people with how high he's picked.
  4. GoBoltz56

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    Jul 31, 2004
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    Tampa and Michigan
    Tampa won't take a goalie.
  5. #1GuinFan

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    ... this is a recording

    As for the Pens pick, what?! Staal Crosby and Malkin on the same line? they are all centers...
    also, i'm sure its just a type, but the Pete's didn't make it to the Memorial Cup final, perhaps you just mean Memorial Cup.
  6. cjbhab*

    cjbhab* Guest

    ya, i meant memorial, but I am aware Staal, Malkin and Crosby are centres, Im just imagining the line ..

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