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  1. Comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Chicago Blackhawks: Patrick Kane
    The Blackhawks truly believe that Kane is the best player in this draft class, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s a good old American kid. Will fit in perfectly playing alongside Jonathan Toews down the road.
    2. Philadelphia Flyers: Kyle Turris
    With Kane out of the picture, there is no doubt that Turris is the best player available at this point. Turris has said that Philly has talked to him quite a bit and Flyers General Manager Paul Holmgren described him as “very competitive and smart.†Has the potential to become a Steve Yzerman type player.
    3. Phoenix Coyotes: James Van Riemsdyk
    Van Riemsdyk offers the whole package, and when the Coyotes pretty much need help in all facets of their organization, James is a no brainer. Doesn’t hurt that the Coyotes have had a tendency of drafting American born players.
    4. Los Angeles Kings: Karl Alzner
    Los Angeles has a plethora of skilled players up front but aside from Jack Johnson they don’t have much on the back end, and while Alzner may not be the absolute best player available, he’s pretty close to it and I think far and beyond the best defenceman available.
    5. Washington Capitals: Alexei Cherepanov
    The Capitals will be willing to take a gamble on this skilled Russian. Alexander Ovechkin has a lot of say in what this team does and he will convince George McPhee and the Captitals’ scouting staff to pick Cherepanov, even though the Russian Transfer Agreement is still up in the air.
    6. Edmonton Oilers: Jakub Voracek
    While they were thinking about taking Sam Gagner from London, the Oilers felt that Voracek would turn out to be the overall better player. Voracek impressed everyone in his first year in North America and has good character and determination. The Oilers feel that he possesses too much upside to pass on.
    7. Columbus Blue Jackets: Sam Gagner
    Will undoubtedly be a solid NHL’er. Has good blood lines and has an amazing skill set. Gilbert Brule and Sam Gagner will provide a dynamic one-two punch down the middle for the foreseeable future.
    8. Boston Bruins: Keaton Ellerby
    In the past, the Bruins have always chosen the best player available, but in a draft that is so wide open, they felt the need to draft this big physical two-way defenceman to solidify their back end.
    9. St. Louis Blues: Mikael Backlund
    The Blues are looking for a skilled forward, and while I feel Hamill or Esposito would be the better choice, the Blues always seem to end up with a European, Backlund being a pretty damn good one.
    10. Florida Panthers: Zach Hamill
    In the past, the Panthers have had the tendency of drafting players from the CHL, and they believe Hamill is the best player available period. The Panthers’ scouting staff has seen a lot of this kid in the WHL and is ecstatic that he is still available.
    11. Carolina Hurricanes: Angelo Esposito
    While the Canes would have preferred Alzner or Ellerby; they feel that Esposito has the raw offensive upside to become a superstar in the NHL. They feel that Esposito is by far the best player available.
    12. Montreal Canadiens: David Perron
    While the Canadiens would have much rather drafted Esposito; they feel that Perron is the next best thing. They haven’t been reluctant in drafting French Canadians in the past and they feel that Perron took huge strides of improvement this season. They believe that Perron will keep on getting better and better.
    13. Toronto Maple Leafs: Logan Couture
    The Leafs were thrilled that hometown hero Logan Couture was still available at 13. They feel that he is by far the best player available and will work even harder to achieve his goals playing with the Leafs.
    14. Colorado Avalanche: Lars Eller
    The Avs’ scouting staff yet again comes up with a gem. I haven’t read one bad thing about this kid; has good size and strength along with an amazing offensive tool set, should be a solid NHL’er.
    15. Edmonton Oilers: Ryan McDonagh
    The Oilers were looking for a defenceman and they felt that McDonagh was the best player available. Offensive defenceman with good size and strength; he too made some major strides this season.
    16. Anaheim Ducks: Kevin Shattenkirk
    The Ducks are very pleased with the selection of Kevin Shattenkirk, with Niedermayer’s retirement looming, the Ducks all of a sudden don’t have a lot of depth on D. Brian Burke has had a tendency of drafting American born players with his first round picks. (Bobby Ryan, Ryan Kesler, RJ Umberger)
    17. New York Rangers: Michal Repik
    The Rangers were very impressed with Repik’s play in the WHL playoffs and the Memorial Cup. They feel as though he is the steal of the draft. Repik will fit in nicely with New York’s surplus of European players.
    18. Calgary Flames: Colton Gillies
    Sutter and the Flames turn some heads when they pass up on Brandon Sutter. But they feel that Gillies is basically NHL ready and is a guaranteed 3rd line player, with the potential of becoming a 1st or 2nd liner. Gritty kid from the west; will fit in perfectly with the flames rugged style of play.
    19. Minnesota Wild: Nicholas Petrecki
    A big rugged stay at home defenceman with good speed that would be an ideal fit on Jacques Lemaire’s Wild. They feel that Petrcki was the best player available.
    20. Pittsburgh Penguins: Brandon Sutter
    The Pens had both Gillies and Petrcki ahead of Sutter on their list, but they feel as though Sutter, as Gillies, will be a certain 3rd liner in the NHL, with the potential of much more. The last name doesn’t hurt either.
    21. Phoenix Coyotes: Bill Sweatt
    Gretz and the Coyotes were very surprised when Sweatt was still available at 21 as they had him much higher on their list. The best skater in the draft with a lot of offensive upside. Phoenix yet again ends up with an American born player.
    22. Montreal Canadiens: Jonathan Blum
    The Canadiens were very impressed with his composure down the stretch with the Vancouver Giants; a great puck moving offensive defenseman, with under rated defensive abilities.
    23. Nashville Predators: Brett MacLean
    Put up 100 points with Oshawa this past season, but it remains to be seen if he was just feeding of John Tavares’ greatness. Nonetheless, MacLean has produced at every level and the Predators were delighted to select him.
    24. St. Louis Blues: Maxim Mayorov
    The Blues feel that this Russian is the best player available and is way too good to pass up on. The Blues has Moyarov much higher on their list and have no problem taking a shot at him.
    25. Vancouver Canucks: Oscar Moller
    The Canucks got the kid that they really wanted. Dave Nonis and the Canucks scouting staff saw a lot of him playing in Chilliwack of the WHL; is a good hard nosed kid with a nose for the net. A perfect choice for the Nucks with their lack of depth at center.
    26. St. Louis Blues: Thomas Hickey
    The Blues were once again surprised that Hickey was available this low; drafting 2 skilled forwards with their previous picks, they felt that this defenceman would be the perfect selection. Should make a nice pairing with Erik Johnson.
    27. Detroit Red Wings: Joakim Andersson
    The Red Wings will yet again draft a Swede, and yet again draft a damn good one. They feel like Andersson is already a top notch defensive forward ala. Samuel Pahlsson and they feel that he has a lot more to offer offensively.
    28. Washington Capitals: Max Pacioretty
    The Caps would have liked to draft a defenceman, but they feel that Pacioretty is definitely the best player available. They didn’t think he would be around at 28 but were very thrilled that he was. A prototypical power forward with deceptive speed and a developing defensive game.
    29. Ottawa Senators: Tommy Cross
    The Sens’ really like this kid from Boston College, they feel that if he ameliorates his offensive skills, he will undoubtedly become a top 4 NHL defenceman.
    30. Edmonton Oilers: Akim Aliu
    The Oilers are well aware of all the questions surrounding this kid, but they feel that his tool set is far too good to pass up on. They are counting on the Gagner’s in London to help out Aliu’s attitude problems.
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    Can't disagree that the Leafs would be thrilled if Couture dropped down to them at 13. I like the guy and he'd be one great addition to the prospect pool.

    I like the mock overall and think the majority of the picks make sense. With a draft this open it's never easy to pick who might go where but this looks pretty good.
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    Can't say I wouldn't love for Toronto to get Couture, and I think that there may be a very good possibility in just under 72 hours that this happens. However, if he does get snatched up ahead of us, which is another good possibility, I would not be much disappointed with the buds selecting lars Eller instead. :)
  4. I think Zach Hamill is very under rated and should be taken at around 10th overall. How low do you guys think he may fall due to his size?
  5. FlareKnight

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    Well depending on who else gets picked he may not get pasted 13 :). But really I'd be surprised if he went past 20. Should be picked well before that though his skills are good enough to be worth it.
  6. I think he is one of the players with this most offensive upside in this draft, and playing in Everett has really helped the defensive side of his game too. Should be interesting to see where he ends up!

    Some more comments on the mock draft would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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