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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by Prudentius, Mar 11, 2011.

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    I was wondering if anybody knew of a website that talks about the minor league that has the most player drafted ratio that plays in the NHL since the lock-out.

    Obviously, I think it's the OHL or WHL, but I was wondering if anyone know of a website or article that did some research on this.
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    I've often heard that the best offensive players come out of the OHL and the Q and the best defensive players come out of the WHL but I've no stats right now.
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    At one point you could say the q was the most successful, pumping out all time greats like Lemieux, Lafleur, Lafontaine, hawerchuk, bourque, bossy, roy, brodeur, robitaille, and many other great french players. But recently they havent seen too many future hhof type players come through except crosby. Right now the best league is the OHL having the past 4 1st overall draft picks coming from there (hall, tavares, stamkos, kane). IMO the W is ranked 3rd on the all time list having the least amount of greats and no players in the discussion for best all time. The q has lemieux lafleur and bossy all whom were at one point the best in the NHL. Lemieux in the discussion for best all time, lafleur possibly best of his era, and bossy often regarded as best goal scorer. They also have the 2 top goaltenders of all time in wins. Brodeur and Roy. OHL has gretzky, often considered best all time and orr considered best D all time. The whl doesnt seem to have a player like this, sakic being the closest thing probably. Not saying he wasnt an amazing player but he isnt going to be considered as the best of all time by any means. Also, the whl hasnt seen a 1st overall pick since 1996 and it was chris phillips.

    Past few years I would rank:

    1. OHL
    2. WHL
    3. QMJHL

    All time:

    1. OHL by a hair
    2. QMJHL
    3. WHL
  4. Q produces superstars on and off that take the world by surprise and I think while the OHL and WHL produce consistently
  5. s7ark

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    The old addage is that you take forwards from the O, defense from the W, and goalies from the Q, but I'm too lazy to do the research to see if that still holds true.

    Really all the leagues pump out good players. But I'd probably put the O ahead by a bit right now.
  6. leoleo3535

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    hockey rinks
    all time

    OHL - 1983 players drafted
    WHL - 1719
    QMJHL - 960

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