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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by hawksfan50, Jan 12, 2007.

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    We know the big discrepancy between CSS and ISS on Esposito---#1NA skater at CSS vs. #10 overall at ISS....while Kyle Woodlief's Redline report for January isn't out on,in another article written in usatoday on the topic of the CCS rankings,that articles says that Esposito is not a consensus #1 on NHl teams scouting lists,and also it quotes Woodlief who let out that Esposito is not in his top 3 --Woodlief then goes on to really diss Esposito for his indifferent play and lack of passion on several occasions that he's viewed him,and that being cut from team Canada on the first day says a lot...a lot of scouts expected much more of Esposito this year after his 98 pts last year --but i don't care how many points he scored there is just something in his play that fails to wow me everytime I've had occaision to see him play (and that was last year!) --I have not seen him play this year--so the Top Prsospects Game should go a long way to deciding the mater--yes it is only 1 game--but if he pulls a stinkeroo,then that should once and for all tell you whether CSS is out to lunch on him --but if he shines,then maybe they saw something in him that ISS,Woodlief and me have all missed...we'll observe carefully and then comment.

  2. I would take Espo with our first round pick. He has high upside
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    There are scouts who still have Esposito on the top of their lists...way too much stock is being put into being cut from Team folks seem to have short memories...I don't recall the Staals making Team Canada in their draft years either, nor Rick Nash...all were top two picks.

    Nor should too much stock be put into the Top Prospects game...where the real test will come is in the Q playoffs..we'll see how he performs when he's the go-to-guy as opposed to just one of the pieces of an impressive puzzle.

    FYI - Esposito is in McKeen's top three - We'll be releasing our top 200 this week.
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    Angelo Esposito was great at last year Memorial Cup as a 16 years old. He proved he could be good in key situation. Maybe he won't be 1st overall, but who cares, he will end up a good player anyway. I, for one, would be glad to see him with my Habs.
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    Actually, Rick Nash did make the WJ team in his draft year. Not to nitpick though. And Staal should have. He was the final cut, and many people were outraged my the decision to cut him, seen as how he had a tremendous camp.
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    I don't think being ranked #1 on one list and #10 on another indicates a big discrepancy in this year's draft. And Woodlief may not have him in the top 3, but does he have him in the top 10? Again, not a big discrepancy.

    I feel confident that the Top Prospects Game will not go a long way toward deciding any matter- except in the minds of some fans.
  7. turnbuckle*

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    I keep thinking it was after his draft year - it's irrelevant anyway since he was a winger. Each year about 10 centers get invited to camp - it's a lot harder for a 17-year-old center to crack the lineup than a 17-year-old winge, or a 17-year-old the team thinks it can use on the wing for the power play like Gagner.

    As for Staal "should have" made the mean Eric? Let's not forget he was 18 at the time as well.

    If you want to use Staal being the last cut when he was 18....why not use the fact that Espo was the last cut when he was 16...stricly going by that criteria one would assume he'll be better than Staal - so if you ask me using the WJC camp as a guide is foolhardy.

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