Missing Pieces ( Guelph Storm )

Discussion in 'Canadian Junior Hockey' started by NamesAreHardToChoose, Sep 23, 2018.

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    Personally, I believe this roster has the talent to win the entire league this year. It's just a matter of putting together the right pieces and meshing at the right time. We've lost two games to start the season, so what? There are a lot worse things that could have happened. We have a lot of things going for us, a strong defensive unit and versatile forwards. There are some key pieces missing however.

    I think that there is a lack of an absolute game changer on the front-end. Don't get me wrong by all means, the Storm are studded and Ratcliffe, Hillis etcetera all have that raw talent and ability, but we need that one forward that sticks out, the one that every team is like "Oh no." With the window on this particular Storm group coming to an end, I'd like to see the commitment from the management. All in, an attempt to get one. Morgan Frost, Nick Suzuki [If he returns], Jason Robertson and another acquisition would be nice.

    On top of the offensive piece missing, I feel like there's a strong defensive and leadership hole even with the addition of Jack Hanley that would be amazing to get filled. Someone like Kevin Bahl, Logan Stanley [Not eligible], Gordeev even. Somebody who can really lock it down.

    It all comes down to who is selling in the league this year.

    Popovich and Daws will be absolutely fine in net, I mean, we won with Justin Nichols...

    That is how I personally believe the Guelph Storm could advance to the Memorial Cup this year.

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