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Discussion in 'The History of Hockey' started by pascual1987, May 8, 2011.

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    Hi everyone,

    As a part of a research project, I have been trying to find the dates in which visors were made mandatory in different leagues, and if they were 'grandfathered' or not.

    For instance, visors were made mandatory for every player in the AHL in 2006, ECHL in 2003, UHL in 2005 (nowadays IHL), and CHL in 2004.

    Visors were made mandatory in the IIHL in 1994, but only for players born after 1974.

    I understand that the USHL and NAHL have had some sort of mandatory facial protection since their foundation (full cage for under 18 and visor or cage for older players). Junior and major junior leagues in Canada mandated visors in 1981 and 1976, respectively. Also, the NCAA mandated cages since 1994.

    There are other interesting examples from leagues in Europe. Sweden 'grandfathered' mandatory visors sometime around 1991-1993 for players born after 1966 (does someone knows the exact date?), and Russia (KHL), Finland and Britain also made similar reforms, but I do not know the exact years and ages for which visors were made mandatory.

    I am sure there is people in this forum that knows more about this topic. So if someone knows similar examples from other leagues like LNAH, WCHL, WPHL, or European leagues like Swiss A, SEL, DEL, FNL, Czech and Austria, I'd be cool to share them here.
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    Finland had a rule instituted at late 80s I think, so that players born 1969 or later have to wear visor.

    Janne Ojanen (born 1968, retired in 2010) was last player to play without.

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