Leafs make big waves in a small pool

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Toronto_AGM_Adil, Jul 24, 2006.

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    In a packed press conference today Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Abbas Chagani made a series of jaw-dropping announcements.

    First, he announced the minor signings of Marshall, Nicklaus and Fiddler, which did nothing more then cause a slight stir in the milling crowd of reporters.

    Then he announced the signing of forward Ian LePerrier and defenceman Radoslav Suchy, which resulted in some heated whispers.

    Then he announced the signing of forward Bill Guerin, which immediately lead to both hands and questions in the air.

    Then, finally, he announced the signing of star centre Mats Sundin... and the questions stopped and the cell phone calls began.

    The Leafs are comming from one of the worst season in recent memory, finishing last place in their division, last place in their conference, and second last in the overall league standings. If Toronto is looking to play the part of the Phoenix then never has their been such an ample supply of ashes.

    It has been encouraging to watch the Leafs this season make a conserted effort to rebuild with the signings of veteran UFA's Frantisek Kaberle, Bobby Holik, Nathan Dempsey and Bryan Muir; as well as the aquisition of RFA's Michael Handzus, Kris Kunitz and Niklas Hagman. Befor free agency even started, the leafs had signed only one of their RFA's (Brian Gionta) yet had already commited over 13M in new salary contracts... Today they just commited another 18M. For a team, that ended their final year with 13.5M in payroll expenses, this is one hell of a
    serious financial commitment.

    Well, everyone knows there's a fine line between being fiscally risky and fiscally irresponsible, but it's obvious to this reporter that the Leafs have not only passed that line, they've passed the line of sanity, reason and self-control. What could they be thinking? Trying to support a 40M dollar team with a 25M dollar market is like trying to sell a Ferrari to a displaced Somalian refuge. I have no idea, how the Toronto Management expects to generate 40M dollars in revenues without expecting atleast some playoff revenue, and for a team that hasn't yet played a minute of ice time together, that's a tough call to make.

    When I asked GM Abbas Chagani about his expectations of the team this year, the answer was as vague as ever "We have the same expectation this year as we have every year: for the team to do what is expected of themselves as professional hockeyplayers" Furthermore when asked about the financial situation of the team AGM Adil Jaffer further commented "I won't comment on the nature of our finances or actions we may or may not undergo regarding our finances, except to say that we will determine any necessary actions related to said finances as situations and
    opportunities arise, not that I will confirm that there are or are not any current situations requiring any necessary actions that we may or may not choose to explore." I wonder when "No Comment" went out of style?

    I do see a silver lining in the future of Toronto sports fans... the Blue Jays.

    Negative Nick
    The Toronto Sports News

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