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  1. There's more to this thread than just spouting off the names of a bunch of players who were picked later than they should have been. I want to know the names of some players whose stock fell, not because of their nationality, but because there were doubts about that player's abilities on draft day. The reason being is I need to know just how far drafting has come along. I want to know if it's possible to uncover a gem every once in a while, now that the bias against Europeans has been --almost-- completely removed.
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    In the 1979 Draft, Brian Propp was taken 14 by the Flyers. That was the year the NHL lowered the minimum draft age and it was loaded with talent; however, some thought Propp was a one dimensional player (as a point of reference, he had an incredible total of 511 points in three seasons in Jrs.) and others questioned his character.

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