Krutov, Kasatonov?

Discussion in 'The History of Hockey' started by Big Phil, Jul 12, 2005.

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  1. Big Phil

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    Nov 2, 2003
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    From the Russian teams there is already Fetisov in the Hall of Fame which no one will debate. Larionov is siad to be in there as well when he is eligible based on his international career and a good NHL career when he was past his prime for the most part (entered NHL at 29). Then you have Sergei Makarov who is always whispered around about being in the Hall which I think should be in there over Neely but anyways.

    But what about Vladimir Krutov and Kasatonov? Kasatonov played for a few years in the NHL but if he was there in the 80s when he was younger I think he would have put up a very good NHL career. Maybe not a Norris but some all-star selections for sure. He was 6'1" 220lbs. and was never a slouch when the Russians played the best Canadians in the world in Canada Cups. People forget that in the '87 Canada Cup in Game 2 vs. Canada in double OT he nearly ended it by splitting the defense but losing the puck before getting to the net. That replay is still scary to watch for me.

    Then there's Krutov. He was every bit as good as Makarov. People forget him, maybe because he only played one NHL season. He may not have had a long, long career when he was great but throughout the whole decade in the 80s he was arguably Russia's best player. Imagine him in the NHL? He was very complete. And he too nearly ended the '87 Canada Cup in Russia's favour in OT, multiple times. Thank God Fuhr had his number. But seriously why do neither one of these guys every get considered?
  2. Ogopogo*

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    Krutov was in the NHL with Vancouver for one season. He could not handle the freedom. Once he was in Canada, he couldn't be bothered to work out and he couldn't stop eating hot dogs. He got real fat real fast. Without a gun to his head, the guy had no discipline. Come to think of it, he's a lot like me. ;) Anyway, he dragged his fat butt back to Russia and disappeared.
  3. John Flyers Fan

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    Feb 27, 2002
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    If you had to rakn the big 5 as players in their prime

    1. Fetisov
    2. Makarov

    3. Krutov

    4. Kasatonov
    5. Larionov

    Fetisov and Larionov both adopted to the western way of life better than the rest and that's why they had the better NHL careers than the other 3.

    My NHL comparisons as players would be

    Fetisov - Bourque/Potvin .. competing for Norris Trophies on a regular basis.

    Makarov - I think he would have been a hair better than Kurri and nipping on Bossy's heels as the best RW of the 80's

    Krutov - Pavel Bure - more a one dimensional player, but just a lethal goal scorer. Not quite the Bure speed, but a bit more solid on his skates.

    Kasatonov - An all-star but not on the Norris Trophy level, not the same style, but a Larry Murphy/Adam Foote quality defenseman

    Larionov - Francis/Oates - Solid all around game and a very good playmaker
  4. Archijerej

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    Jan 17, 2005
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    Anatolyi Firsov should be taken into consideration IMO. He never played in the NHL nor he competed against NA teams but he would do just fine. Many could argue that he's the best russian player ever.
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