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Discussion in 'Mock Drafts' started by kovalchuk17atl, Jun 15, 2004.

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  1. kovalchuk17atl

    kovalchuk17atl Registered User

    Apr 22, 2004
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    This is my first try, so here goes with a 1st round mock with trades

    1) Washington selects F Alexander Ovechkin
    Consensus number 1 overall.
    2) Pittsburgh selects C Evgeni Malkin
    Like Ovechkin, only consensus number 2 overall.
    3) Columbus selects D Cameron Barker (via CHI)
    The Jackets need a good D-man and he's the best this year.
    4) Chicago selects RW Lauri Tukonen (via CBJ)
    The Hawks surprise by taking him over Olesz, but feel he's the player they need and our scared off by Olesz's injury problems.
    5) Phoenix selects G Marek Schwarz
    The Yotes choose to upgrade in net and with LeNeveu and Schwarz are set in net for quite some time.
    6) Rangers select RW Andrew Ladd
    They look at Olesz but opt for the edge Ladd brings to his game.
    7) Minnesota selects C Rostislav Olesz (via FLA)
    They need help up front and Olesz, if healthy, will bring game-breaking ability to the Wild.
    8) Carolina selects AJ Thelen
    They'll take a D-man if Rostislav doesn't fall to them, and he's the best D-man available.
    9) Anaheim selects RW Drew Stafford
    Stafford's great work ethic and two-way ability make him very appealing to the Ducks.
    10) Atlanta selects C Robbie Schremp
    The Thrashers are salivating at the thought of a Heatley-Schremp-Kovalchuk line and are very pleased that Schremp fell this far.
    11) Los Angeles selects G Alvaro Montoya
    Second-best goalie available goes to the Kings, who really need help at G.
    12) Florida selects RW Alexander Radulov (via MIN)
    They take another offensive forward to go with other young forwards they have on their roster and hope that his so-called attitude problems can be dealt with.
    13) Buffalo selects D Ladislav Smid
    Maybe I overrate the kid, but Buffalo feels he'll look great with Kalinin a few years from now and snap him up.
    14) Edmonton selects RW Alexandre Picard
    He's high on the Oiler's list and they are quick to take him at 14.
    15) Nashville selects RW Wojtek Wolski
    They look at several others but decide Wolski has the most offensive upside and still has size, even if he doesn't hit that much.
    16) Islanders select RW Lauri Korpikoski
    The Isles take the skilled Finn over Chippy thinking that Korpikoski's offensive talent can help them more than Chipchura's grit.
    17) St.Louis selects D Boris Valabik
    Hoping he can eventually find Chara-like potential he brings a solid D-man to the table for St.Louis.
    18) Montreal selects C Kyle Chipchura
    A gritty, 2-way Centre that Montreal has been lacking for years--that's exactly what Chippy brings to the Canadiens.
    19) Calgary selects C David Bolland
    Even though I personally think they should take Lisin, Sindel, Kaspar or the like, Bolland is more of a Sutter-type pick and they go with him.
    20) Dallas selects LW Enver Lisin
    They feel they need speed and Lisin brings an awful lot of that to the table, so they take him.
    21) Colorado selects C Petteri Nokelainen
    They look at Green, O'Niell, Kaspar and Sindel but ultimately they like Petteri best and take him at #21.
    22) New Jersey selects D Mike Green
    They know that Stevens won't be around forever and have to start trying to fill up that hole, and they feel Green is the closest they'll get this year.
    23) Ottawa selects D Wes O'Neill
    They decide to go Defense this year and come up with O'Neill as the Best D-man left.
    24) Rangers select C Lukas Kaspar (via TOR)
    Lukas is a skilled forward and they have no problem with picking him here.
    25) Edmonton selects G Devan Dubnyk (via PHI)
    The Oil think that Devan will one day be a great #1 keeper and take him.
    26) Vancouver selects RW Jakub Sindel
    They think that Sindel's talent will help them one day and so they put a Canucks jersey on Sindel.
    27) Washington selects D Kirill Lyamin (via BOS)
    They go and take a D-man with #27, and feel that Lyamin will be a solid number 3 D-man one day.
    28) San Jose selects RW Viktor Alexandrov
    They liked Sindel but he's gone, so they opt for another highly skilled guy in Alexandrov.
    29) Washington selects D Johan Fransson
    Feeling the need for more Defensive help, they take Fransson, who, at a year older than most of they others, they feel is closer to NHL duty than Lyamin and other D-men.
    30) Tampa selects G Corey Schneider
    Looking for help between the pipes for the future, they take a guy who they feel will be a number 1 keeper once Khabby's gone in Schneider.

    Columbus trades the 4th overall and a 3rd-rounder to Chicago for the 3rd overall.
    Florida trades the 7th overall to Minnesota for the 12th overall and a 2nd-rounder.

    Let me know what you think.
  2. Starsdude

    Starsdude Registered User

    Jul 7, 2002
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    I would be shocked if the Styars took Lisin with GreenFransson still on the table
  3. Dropkick Alex

    Dropkick Alex Registered User

    Jan 30, 2004
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    College Student
    Amherst, New York
    Florida wont do that trade. We might actually be thinking of Al Montonya. Most likely it will be traded away for a good powerfoward.
  4. Patty Ice

    Patty Ice Best in the World

    Feb 27, 2002
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    I'll tell you this right now...the Sharks like Alexandrov a whole lot more than Sindel. I dont know where you came up with that first line.
  5. Minnesota won't do that trade, too many holes and giving up a 2nd would hurt them.
  6. KH1

    KH1 Registered User

    Apr 5, 2004
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    Under the cap floor
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    Pretty solid mock.
  7. Kvashinator12

    Kvashinator12 Registered User

    Feb 27, 2002
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    United States
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    very pleased with the pick for the isles
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