Kings Vision: Kings Vision: 10/9/13 Highlights vs. Ottawa

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    Dustin Brown comes out of the penalty box just in time to get the puck on a breakaway, scoring his first goal of the season on 10/9/13.


    After a ferocious Kings attack of the goal, Jeff Carter finds the back of the net to give the Kings a 2-0 lead on 10/9/13.


    Dustin Brown scores his 2nd goal of the game, and of the 1st period, as he gives the Kings a 3-0 lead on the power play on 10/9/13.


    Jonathan Quick makes an incredible save late in the 3rd period to maintain the lead on 10/9/13.


    Jeff Carter scores his 2nd goal of the night, a game winner for the Kings just seconds into overtime to give them a 4-3 victory over the Senators on 10/9/13.

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