Israel finishes in 3rd place (3-2) at WU-18 DIV III

Discussion in 'International Tournaments' started by hawksfan50, Mar 14, 2005.

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    A nice showing by Jean Perron's boys...lost only to Aussies and Belgium ...had the tournament's 2 leading scorers --Oren Zamir (17 points in 5GP) won the scoring race,and Michael Horowitz (14 points in 5GP) was second in scoring...Israel needs to develop a better defense corps and goaltending to advance against the better teams ....still,I believe their are only 2 ice rinks in Israel --so the base to draw talent from is still quite small---but I'm sure they will continue to develop the program and also build more rinks ...Israel does not ice a U-20 national squad--so
    once the best of the U-18's they have get to old for that squad,they go right into competing for spots on the senior Men's team --that older squad,also coached by former Montreal Canadfiens head coach Jean Perron,will be competing in the DIV IIB World Championships in April in Serbia and Montenegro...
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