Irresistable force rolls Ducks without their immoveable object in goal.

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Chuzwazza, Mar 17, 2007.

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    Sean Burke has been the best nedminder this season. Nobody would argue that. Some are looking to names like LaBarbera and Turco, but Burke has been revitalised this season in Anaheim, posting numbers so gaudy vs the rest of the goaltending leaders, that its not even close right now.

    So when the hottest team in the league came to town, Anaheim fans were drooling over the Burke vs. Buffalo matchup. It didn't hurt that Ryan Miller was due to start for the Sabres, who is tied with burke for the league lead in shutouts.

    Turns out, there was an anti-climax. Neither Burke nor Miller played last night. Instead, Danny Sabourin saw only 15 shots as the Sabres much underrated defence locked town the Anaheim forwards, and watched Partick Marleau shred Jussi Markkanen almost single handedly.

    The final score? 4-2 and the Sabres keep rolling. It's now 8-1 since the deal and 12 of their last 15. The Ducks get another shot at the Sabres, this time in Buffalo, in 2 days time.

    There was talk that GM matt Gledhill rang down and insisted Burke be dragged so that he wouldn't have his all-star starter status challenged just in case the Sabres shooters ran through him like they had Giguere and Broduer in recent nights. That of course has been dismissed as ludicrous by Coaches and players alike, but one has to ask...why not play the hottest goalie in the league against the hottest offence?

    Meanwhile Danny Sabourin moves to 9-3-1 with an impressive 2.50 G.A.A When asked how he felt about possibly taking the job over from Ryan Miller given his great form, his response was very humble.

    "Ryan's the starter right now. i've got the hot hand, and he needs a rest, so we're running withme. He understands that, and he's glad it doesn't have to be all on him to carry us. Would I love to be the #1? sure! Who wouldn't? but that's not my call. I'll just keep playing as well as I can, and keep hoping the boys can keep my shots well down to make me look good!"

    Patrick Marleau continues to terrify teams. He's on MVP like pace since being deal to Buffalo, and torched Anaheim for another 2 goals and an assist with a +4 rating on the night. Suddenly Zherdev and Ruutu have gone from looking like 3rd/4th liners to being point a game producers. In 9 games he's got 15 points and is a +14 since the trade....and he doesn't look like slowing down.

    "I'm really enjoying my time here in Buffalo." Marleau said. "I don't care if people say I'm 3rd line, 4th line or whatever. I get more special teams minutes than anyone, so I'm happy there, and our line is clicking at the moment, plus I get to take a few shifts with Jaromir too, which helps. Having Brooks (Orpik) and Scott (Hannan) down back gives us tremendous leeway to freewheel a little more on offence. We don't have to be so concerned defensively, cause those guys are so good back there. Tuomo is great at mixing things up and chasing the puck, and he's got a really underrated set of hands, and Nikolai has all-star type offensive skills already, he's a whole lot of fun to play with!

    So there you have it. Could Marleau make a late charge to put himself in all-star contention?. If the voting was another 2-3 weeks away, you'd like your chances, but as it is, it's going to be close.

    So stay tuned for the Re-match, where its already been said that Miller will start for the Sabres. this one should be a doozy.

    Thats all...for now.....and remember.....GO SLUGS!

    Buffalo Bill
    Hockey Editor for The Buffalo News

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