+/- Including PowerPlay and PK Contribution - How useful is this?

Discussion in 'The History of Hockey' started by bobholly39, Oct 20, 2018.

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    +/- is typically said to be a useless stat around here. But has +/- data *with* powerplay/pk ever been tabulated - and would that be of more value when comparing players? Or still a useless stat?
    The way i see it is:

    Regular +/- : Let's pretend a player A is a +10 on the season at 5v5
    Power Play Goals: Let's say he's on the ice for 40 power play goals: + 40
    PK: Big disadvantage of the team - so it's not held against you. If player A is on the ice for 37 PK goals, it's still nada: +/- 0
    Goals allowed while on the power play: So he's on the ice for 4 goals that his team allowed while they were on the powerplay. This counts: - 4

    Total would be: + 10 (even play), + 40 (power play goals), 0 (PK), -4 (goals allowed while on PP) = +46

    Is this already tracked anywhere - or has it ever been?
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    The WHA stats tracked +/- in both ways in 1978-79 (don't know about earlier), as well as tracking how many SHG a player was on ice for, both for and against.

    Quebec in 1978-79 GP 80 TGF 288 EGF 215 PGF 67 SGF 6 TGA 271 EGA 199 PGA 63 SGA 9 +/- +16 OA GA+/- +17
    Real Cloutier GP 77 TGF 174 EGF 114 PGF 60 SGF 0 TGA 103 EGA 91 PGA 5 SGA 7 +/- +23 OA GA+/- +71

    I don't think the OA GA +/- is all that useful, but the tracking of SHG is a much nicer addition.
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    I think this is a great idea. I mean, basically you're saying raw goals-for minus goals-against except for power-play goals against.

    Plus/minus is a useless stat for certain types of players, and it's of questionable use/interest for all players. So, yes, I completely agree with this idea.

    Of course, we'd have to come up with a new name for the stat...

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