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Discussion in 'Mock Drafts' started by sakicisstupid, Apr 3, 2011.

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    I'm in an ultra competitive keeper hockey pool and have a team that has twice made it to the finals two years in a row. But, mentally, I've run out of gas now and need to hand over my team to someone else who is a better manager than me. Specifically, the attributes I'm looking for are as follows:

    1. Should be young and enthusiastic
    2. Should be really intelligent and have a history of a tradition of winning hockey pools
    3. Should be confrontational with the league commissioner (when warranted)

    I plan on just hanging around in the background as a consultant (can you help you get accustomed to the rules and the inner workings of the league). If interested, please PM me. This is a very tough league to win in. I need someone with the smarts and competitiveness to win it all.

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