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    Rank King-

    NHL RankKing is the only app designed specifically with fantasy hockey in mind. With a renewed focus and in-depth look at NHL prospects, there are many options to help guide you in making important decisions that will impact your fantasy teams.

    There are numerous options available including tonight's stating goalies, line combination, draft and keeper rankings. Whether you are involved in dynasty leagues and are trying to find the hidden gems of the prospect world, we have everything conveniently at your finger tips.

    If you have an iPhone or iPad you can download it here.

    Included is the PHNLe. PNHLe is a value that attempts to predict a prospect’s optimal point production at the NHL level when that player is in the prime of their career. You can think of PNHLe as the expected ceiling a player will hit if they reach their full potential.

    Examples of PNHLe in action can be found here.
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    Wish there was something like this for android. I forgot the website. Is there one that shows line ups, pp lineups, etc?

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