Did anyone see the 1984 semifinals against the Oilers vs. North Stars?

Discussion in 'The History of Hockey' started by puckhead103*, Apr 3, 2006.

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    did anyone remember that series?

    i know the oilers swept them in four games.....

    i saw only the box score of that game....in game 3 where the oilers scored first and then in the second the north stars went up 5-3....then the oilers in the third period scored 5 straight goals....

    i think gretzky had a penalty shot in that game.......

    on the tv side.....either u lived in minnesota to see the game since USA network had televised the habs and isles series or lived in western canada to see this series...........

    i know cbc once written to me some years ago that the eastern part of canada focused more on the habs/isle contest than showing the oil/north stars...

    the nhl at that time really screwed up with the tv schedule during the 1980s....
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    Insane game. I've seen a clips package of it and I think it's a game where the Oil won 8-5 and these highlights (NHL network showing it as the 1984 stanley cup video, narrated by Dave Hodge and a good find if you can see it) showed the North Stars scored 4 goals on a 5 minute PP to go up 5-3 before Edmonton mounted the comeback. Gretz scores on a PS in slick fashion (holding like he's gonna shoot but before he gets into close, smoothly deking and flipping a backhand over Don Beaupre's glove) and Ken Linseman for the third straight series (you have company, Mr. Gelinas) had the series winning goal.

    Not a romp for the Oilers like it was in 1983 when they battered the Hawks in 4 straight (8-2, 8-4, 3-2, 6-3 I think was the last game). It's funny. Watching all the highlights of Oiler runs to the cup, the most impressive was 1988 cause they went 16-2, but in 1983 (another video I caught) they went 11-1 before getting swept and were absolutely dominant. They pulverized Winnipeg in 4, beat Calgary in 5 (winning by scores of 7-4, 6-3, 10-2 and 9-1!!!) and swept Chicago. And the goals were tremendous too. The Isles sweep was so sudden and shocking based on the dominance displayed by Edmonton (Gretzky had 2 four-goal games, Messier had 2 hat tricks and a four goal game and Anderson had a 4-goal game and a hat trick all in one playoff year).

    They had a bit of trouble in 1984 with the underdog Flames pushing them to 7 games in the Smythe final, had trouble with Chicago in a 6-game win in 1985 (the highest scoring series ever with the goalies getting lit up: Edm. outscored the Hawks 44-25!!!), the Flyers pushed them to 7 in 1987 finals and they had to make a 3-1 series comeback against Winnipeg and come back from down 2-1 on the Hawks in the conf. finals during the 1990 post-season. 1988 was the only year where they literally steamrolled everyone in sight and wouldn't you know it, they weren't the clear favourites that season!
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    it seems i can't find the last 3 games of that northstar/oil series...the only game got is game 1 where the oil blew them out....i've been looking for that series the last 8 years...

    i just wish cbc still had the rights to games pre 1998...and u can buy it from them...... :cry: :shakehead

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