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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by kasper11, Dec 29, 2005.

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    My team is in first place, but I have one major problem area:
    My second line has combined for only 9 goals in 13 games and is a -5 (the only 3 players on my team with a minus)
    I just resigned Blake, but would like to move him back to wing where I think he will be more effective. This leaves Recchi and Bondra as the odd men out in a deal for a center. Recchi is expensive ($6M), but is a 78OV with good SC, PA, DF, IT ratings. Bondra is signed for 3 years at a reasonable $2.625M. I would prefer to move Recchi, since I just signed Bondra this offseason and hate to move players that quickly. If I move Recchi, I would be willing to take a pending UFA back at any salary. If I move Bondra I would want someone signed for a couple of years at a similar salary. For either I would want a center with good DF and PA ratings. I have a ton of prospects that could be included if the deal was right.

    I could also move a young 3rd/4th and prospects line player for a center if the deal was right.
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