Dallas Stars off to the Stanley Cup Finals!

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    The Dallas Stars move on to the Stanley Cup Finals riding hot Kipprusoff.
    June 1st, 2007 8:43:00 PM

    Dallas, Texas. (AP) - The Dallas Stars off to Stanely Cup Finals the year after being one of the worst teams in the league a year ago.

    One year after finishing 3rd last in the HFNHL with a meager 60 points the Dallas Stars have rebounded to their second Division winning regular season in their history (first under sophmore GM Laurens Thie) and their first birth in the Stanley Cup Finals.

    The Stars eliminated the Detroit Red Wings this evening with 3-1 victory in Detroit on the coat tails of the Stars' second line increadible performance. Shawn Horcoff scored all three goals this evening and rookie right winger Maxime Ouelett getting an assist on all three of Horcoff's goals.

    Leading Conn Smythe trophy candidate by a fair margin, Miikaa Kipprusoff had another "stand on his head" performance to bring the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl to Dallas for the first time in HFNHL history. "This is why I re-signed with Dallas last year. This is where I knew we were going with Thie at the helm of the team. My linemates are great, the young kids are playing like vets, and my defence is keeping me out of trouble...this is the best team I've ever played for! I love it here! This is awesome! We're bringing the cup home to Dallas!" said and emotional Kipprusoff after the game tonight.

    "We did what we set out to do this post season. Prove to people that a good mix of guys like me and a bunch of young guys could get this far in the playoffs. People were saying we weren't going to go anywhere because our second line was so young...well...look at the score sheet! Roy and Maxime are some of the best young players I've ever played with. It's them that are leading the pack along with our quote unquote unflashy defence...our D might not have the "Flash" outside of Bryan...but we're solid and can score and shut you down whenever we want thanks to Duvie and Jimmy. Yash, Marty and I aren't having our ideal playoffs, but those kids behind us are making the best of their opportunites and carrying this team. We're going to make sure that Tampa or the Sens are going to have their hands full with both our lines in the next round", Saku Koivu after the game.

    Alexei Yashin had this to add, "Yup, we good. Me Happy. Carol make me feel good later. I deserve it. Sens suck if we play them."

    The post season wasn't looking very good for the Stars going down 3 games to 0 in the first round, but they have been a rampaging bull ever since winning that series by taking the next 4 games.

    However, the Stars are in for a big battle. They will be without the services of Wescott; one of the playoffs leading defenceman, for the first two games of the series due to a suspension for a couple of "silly" fights in game 5.

    "I'm proud of this group of men. We're not the best on paper, but we're the best "team" so far. We're getting everything from everywhere right now. Our "D" is involved offensively while taking care of their own end. Our first line is drawing all the attention right now while contributing when they can and we're getting the secondary scoring that a Cup winner needs. If our opponents take attention away from our first line to dedicate it to the first...they will break out. You can't stop guys like Yashin, Koivu and St.Louis.

    We wouldn't be here without Miikka. I can't say enough about him...he's exceeding expecatations and I'm glad that he's going to be in a Stars uniform until he retires. If he doens't get the Conn regardless of the outcome of the finals, I'll be really upset for him.

    I'd love to talk more guys...but it's time to have a couple of drinks with my boys while it's still "okay" to do so...and get ready for the finals." stated GM, Laurens Thie after the game.

    It's been a "Starrie" season for Dallas. Can they pull off another miracle? Stay tuned. The Stanley Cup finals are up next for the cinderella team of the year.
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