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Discussion in 'Mock Drafts' started by CuSa_1, Jun 22, 2004.

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    1. WASHINGTON - Ovechkin

    2. PITTSBURGH - Malkin

    3. CHICAGO - Tukonen

    4. COLUMBUS - Olesz

    5. PHOENIX - Barker

    6. LOS ANGELES*1 - Shwarz

    7. FLORIDA - Thelen

    8. CAROLINA - Ladd

    9. ANAHEIM - Schremp

    10. ATLANTA - Stafford

    11. NYRANGERS*2 - Montoya

    12. MINNESOTA - Chipchura

    13. BUFFALO - Radulov

    14. EDMONTON - Smid

    15. NYRANGERS*3 - Green

    16. NYISLANDERS - Valabik

    17. ST.LOUIS - Picard

    18. MONTREAL - Korpikoski

    19. CALGARY - Wolski

    20. DALLAS - Meszaros

    21. COLORADO - Bolland

    22. NEW JERSEY - Alexandrov

    23. OTTAWA - Nokelainen

    24. NASHVILLE*4 - Zajac

    25. EDMONTON - Garlock

    26. VANCOUVER - Wheeler

    27. WASHINGTON - Schultz

    28. SAN JOSE - Graham

    29. WASHINGTON - Pineault

    30. TAMPA BAY - O'Neill

    *1- After the Rangers contemplated picking a goalie at the #6 spot, they couldn't refuse the offer LA sent them. LA was afraid of a couple teams trading up to snatch a goaltender.

    *2- NY was ecstatic to find Montoya still around at 11.

    *3- NY was looking for a Dman with their first pick, but after everything fell into place to select the 'tender they wanted at#6 and pick up extra picks they used some of those to move up in the 1st to select an impact Dman. The poor skating of Boris scared them a little and they chose Green instead.

    *4- After hoping Chipchura fall to them, they couldn't pass up the deal NY offered up to move up to the halfway mark.
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  2. again I'm surprised you have Jarmo bypassing his countryman by not selecting Korpikoski. Also I think Columbus would wet themselves over getting a shot at Barker and would definately NOT pass it up. They lack a high end defensive prospect. Otherwise pretty solid draft. I fully expect Chicago to take Barker in the 3rd spot and leave Columbus with Tukonen but Clmbs might go off the board a bit and take Meszaros who a lot of scouts seem to have as a top 5 talent.
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    The Oilers will not let Picard pass them. Who is Garlock?
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