Coyotes GM begins tenure on possitve note

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Default101, Jan 7, 2007.

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    Vancouver (AP) -- Reporting live following the Vancouver Canucks and Phoenix Coyotes season opener in Vancouver, BC no one expected a 4-1 result, not even the new Phoenix Coyotes General Manager Ryan Yessie dispite having recent acqusition Niko Dimitrakos in the line-up "I made a mistake and i apologize to Niko for that mistake i didn't hand in an updated line-up in time, and he wasn't able to play. I was suprised and very proud and impressed by the way the team played, i knew we could win this game but i never thought we would take it 4-1, I personally consider Vancouver a powerhouse in our division Mr. Keogh the GM of the Canucks has put together a very good team, and am glad to say i have recorded my first win against such a solid team."
    Yessie continues in his post-game news conference to commend several players. "Rod Brind'Amour was impressive for us, a great workhorse that punded out 35 or so minutes without being on the ice for a single goal from the opposition, Sutherby made great time with what he had on the ice 4 shots and 2 assists, and helped out on the penalty kill, Hatcher played the game that was expected of him throwing twice as many hits as anyone on either team and playing solid shutdown defence, Clarke Wilm and the 3rd line really steped it up a notch dispite being looked upon as depth players, and last but not least Mike Dunham played amazing shutting down the Vancouver Canucks top line tonight dispite our defence allowing them to record 9 shots; 1/3 of Vancouvers shots on goal tonight."
    The Phoenix Coyotes will not have much time to celebrate as they are one of four teams in the league that play each of the first 4 days of the season. Fortunately for the Coyotes they will be opening up a 3 game home stand where they will have to face another Perrenial contender in the Carolina Hurricanes "We have 2 goals in Phoenix this year, to make sure we work hard and play our game, and try to make other teams play Phoenix Coyote hockey, and to develop our good young talent for the teams future, in the first game of this season i believe our team did that tonight, and we'll take it one game at a time and i believe if our boys play the way they did tonight we will walk away with a win against Carolina tomorrow." Interestingly enough, the single goal from the Canucks tonight was scored on the line that Dimitrakos was slated to play on, when asked if Dimitrakos would be in the line-up tomorrow GM Yessie replied jokingly "I don't plan on making the same mistake again."
    So for a team that was expected to fight with Atlanta as the worst in the league, a team that had trouble just meeting league minimum requirements, the word "undefeated" sounds really good right about now, even if it is 1-0.
  2. Things are definitely looking up in Phoenix, good job Ryan.

    Though if you keep playing Rod thiose mny minutes he's bound to get injured really fast
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    would he get injured from playing alot of minutes or would that be based on his condition i mean if his CD is 95 is that when it would be a risk for him or could he get injured partially due to 35 mins in a game even if his CD was 99 or 100?

    Things are looking good but it could have been a lucky start, i don't expect to make the playoffs but if i do somehow find a way it'll just be a bonus.
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    Yep, lucky start. :)

    95 is the minimum condition a player need sto be able to play. Players with high DU are less likely to get injured, but a player's chance of injury does appear to increase if they are fatigued (CD 95). So yes, if you play him 35 minutes a night, odds are he'll get injured. Of course, you could play him 20 minutes a night, and he still might get injured, but the chances are more in your favour.

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