Chris Bourque's Legacy - Hershey Bears & The AHL

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    Born in Boston, MA 1986, son of a legendary player Raymond "Ray" Bourque,
    but this thread isn't about Ray its about Chris, a man who's full name goes; Christopher Ray Bourque,
    father of two. - Olympic athlete, Bears legend and of the best AHL career's at 32.

    Chris was drafted 33rd overall in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft by the Capitals
    straight out of USHS-prep league (37g+53a=90pts in just 30 games in his draft year).

    He went to play for Boston U in the NCAA next season, played his first pro games in the same season
    for the Pirates in the AHL. Next season he played his first full pro season while got the best player/forward
    selection at the 2005 WJC, scoring 7 goals in 7 games for team USA.

    Now, he has not become a household name in his career after his promising start, not in the NHL anyways, what ever the reasons really might be, why he hasn't been able to carve a NHL career for himself,
    but...what's NHL's loss, its AHL's gain. - that's what i think anyways -

    "Bourque is an offensive winger with great vision, hands and speed. Works hard and has a terrific attitude. Skates with a low center of gravity and can be surprisingly strong, despite being well below average in size".


    Chris might not have many NHL games,goals,points, nor a single NHL trophy,cup,award,
    but that doesn't mean he has not had a successful pro career as a hockey player so far,
    quite the opposite actually.

    Chris has 3 Calder Cup rings to show (2 more cup rings what his father),
    multiple individual trophies; Jack A. Butterfield Trophy just to mention one,
    a trophy that is given to the AHL play-offs MVP.

    Chris Bourque is Bears all time leader in played games and points by a winger
    and in the top 5 in all time for points.

    If Chris continues to play in the AHL (wishful thinking: hopefully not, i really hope he would get one
    more chance in the big leagues, a fair one i know he hasn't played particularly well this season,
    but its still really early
    ) for several more years, something like 5 more (after this)
    with avg of 40 points, he would land a top 5 spot in the AHL all time scoring list
    with 900+ points in the regular season. - if he gets back to 50-60 points season avg
    he might he even tickle that 1000 point mark - <big if>


    Chris Bourque leaves a great legacy behind him when ever he retires from hockey,
    he has shown and overcome so much already at 32 in hockey and in life generally
    and even if his career is always overshadowed by his fathers glorious career and how
    so far he hasn't been able to follow his fathers foot steps to the point, Chris is still
    hell of a hockey player with heck of a hockey career already behind him.



    Chris Bourque's career in numbers: (so far)

    - AHL -
    Regular season: 726. 237+457=694
    Post season: 133. 35+82=117
    - combined - 859. 272+539=811

    - Europe -
    Regular season: 79. 23+26=49
    Post season: 14. 5+8=13
    - combined - 93. 28+34=62

    - NHL -
    Regular season: 51. 2+6=8

    - Junior career -
    61. 68+79a=147

    - International -
    Olympic Games: 5. 0+2=2
    WJC: 10. 8+2=10
    Deutchland Cup: 3. 0+3=3
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    Last season i went to a Frölunda Indians game here in Göteborg, Sweden when i noticed a Bourque playing for the opposing team. I could not decide if that René Bourque was Ray's son or not becouse i knew that several with that name existed.

    Anyways, Ray have four rings, not one. Two from the Canada Cup and the Hall of Fame one to add to the Stanley Cup one. So he have Chris beat as of right now.
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    Chris Bourque was the hcokey equivalent of a AAAA baseball player.

    Good at the AHL level, but absolutely couldn't make it in the NHL. When Chiarelli never replaced Recchi when he retired, he went through a string of discount guys to try to fill his spot on the cheap. Pouliot was a disappointment in 2012, then in 2013 he tried it with Chris Bourque and he was even worse. Just provided absolutely nothing, a black hole of offense and not particularly defensively stout either.

    Oddly, he always produced in the AHL and overseas. He just was incapable of performing at the NHL level. 8 points in his whole NHL career, yet he could score 93 in an AHL season.
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    See the 7:50 mark of the clip below.


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