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    Hey Guys

    Sorry for posting a non related league item on the boards.

    I am currently running a new league we are currently in our first season and we are looking to expand 8 teams so that we can handle cap better and make teams less stacked than they currently are. Are fisrt year has been through a bump as the league was shut down due to the old commishner losing files and me and my current AGM took over and restarted the league and ever since have had zero problems. If anyone is interested in joining you know how to reach me or you can just simply post here. We will be holding and expansion draft as soon as the end of the season where the 8 new teams will draft from the players teams drop to be cap compliant and players on unassigned list. In order to be comptetative we have made sure each team will atleast drop a few solid player so teams wont have rosters of well 3rd and 4th liners.

    Thanks everyone
    Zach Niece
    Dallas GM
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    Great White North
    Good luck Zac - sounds like a pretty involved process, hope it works out well for you!

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