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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by AmericanDream, Nov 10, 2005.

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    I was looking at the point totals for all of the junior leagues, and it amazes me to see so many Americans in the top 20. I cant recall the last time there was this many Americans doing so well in the CHL especially in the OHL. Robbie Schremp is the best offensive player outside the NHL right now. Bobby Ryan is just manhandling everyone this year, wont be around in juniors next year. Dan Collins looks like the Dan Collins that many predicted being a first round pick last year. This guy is awesome. John Vigilante is playing so good right now, he has been such a surprise. Tyler Haskins is starting to look more and more like a young Kris Draper. I know Tyler isnt top 20, but he still is looking good. Peter Mueller is definitely turning it up, and showing off his tremendous talents. Patrick Davis was an absolute steal for the Devils, this guy looks electric every night, even though his point totals arent through the roof. Bob Sanguinetti isnt in the top 20, but he is having such a great year he wont last past pick #15 this year. Ryan Callahan has seemingly been in juniors forever, but he is always dependable to be in the top 20 by years end. Tysen Dowzak love him or hate him is projected to go first round this year too. Nick Foligno is another talented kid on a point a game pace, he looks like a real good talent. My question is what is going on here?

    Is it irony that there are a ton of talented Canadian kids leaving their country to come to the States to play college hockey? How is it starting to switch like this? Dan Bertram, Travis Zajak, Jonathen Toews, Andrew Coligano, Sasha Pokulok, all left their country to come play college hockey and all are first round picks or soon to be except Bertram.I am wondering how some of these American kids think the grass is greener on the other side playing in the CHL, and then seeing the exact opposite feeling from some Canadian players. I know every individual is different, but I cannot recall the last time I have seen so many talented players switching sides like this.

    Do you guys feel that it is going to continue like this, or become even more rampant? I am all for multiple talented leagues, I guess this just proves that both leagues can get you to the big dance.

    On a side note, I think something like this would be awesome. I would love to see every year a team comprised of the best CHL players taking on a team comprised of the best NCAA players in a best of 3 series. I dont want to get into all the headaches involved with putting this together like when to have it,guys always getting called up by years end, and so on. Just wondering if you guys ever see something like this coming to fruition? A lot of bragging rights would be on the line thats for sure. I think it would be pretty cool to watch.
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