CBA Proposal (just an idea based on an acceptable proposal for margin player)

Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by kastaure, Dec 8, 2004.

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    Everytime the players are asked about the Salary Cap they always complains that it's the 3rd and 4th line guys or the 6th and 7th players that will be touch.. lets do a system that will hurt the elite player.. those overpaid.. technically it could be accepted since margin player are the largest part of the union

    Technically its a player Salary reduction and cap from now on.

    This is the table

    old Salary vs New Salary Cut
    1 M$ 900K$ 10%
    2 M$ 1.6M$ 20%
    3 M$ 2.1M$ 30%
    4 M$ 2.4M$ 40%
    5 M$ 2.5M$ 50%
    6 M$ 2.6M$ 57%
    7 M$ 2.7M$ 62%
    8 M$ 2.8M$ 65%
    9 M$ 2.9M$ 68%
    10 M$ and more 3M$ 70%

    Every Year if you stay with the same club you get a 10% increase. If you got traded you get a 10% increase that is paid by the half by the old team half by the new team. If you leave for another team.. you dont get any increase.

    This should limit team to 20-30 M$ Salary and would not punish the margin player this will only remove overpaid player.. and if they want to stay in their country because its pay more then so be it.. the NHL existed before europeen played here and will still exist after.
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  2. I don't quite understand this concept. So if a player makes 1 million he takes a 10% pay cut and so on?
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