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    I knew Syd Howe was a career point leader at one point, but I was curious who else was before Gordie Howe and Gretzky took it over.

    1929: Cy Denneny retires with 333 pts
    1932: Howie Morenz breaks that mark and goes on to retire in 1937 with 472 pts
    1939: Nels Stewart tops Morenz and retires in 1940 with 515 pts
    1945: Syd Howe breaks the record and retires in 1946 with 528 pts
    1947: Bill Cowley retires with 548 pts
    1952: Elmer Lach racks up 557 pts (and would go on to retire in '54 with 623 pts)
    1954: Maurice Richard finishes the season with 651 pts (retiring in 1960 w/ 955 pts)
    1960: Gordie Howe takes over with 977 pts and retires in 1980 with 1,850 pts
    1990: Wayne Gretzky finishes the season ahead of Howe and retires in 1999 with 2,857 pts
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