Canada vs. Slovakia

Discussion in 'International Tournaments' started by trahans99, Dec 25, 2004.

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    I'd like to get some feedback from everyone on there thoughts of the 7-3 win today over Slovakia. I was watching until it was 5-1 and then the last few minutes when then scored 2 more times.

    From what I saw:

    Crosby, Bergeron and Perry are going to be the most dominant line in the tourney (unless Ovechkin and Malkin are on same line and put up huge #s)

    Ladd played better tonight

    The team looked great in the first 30 minutes, i'm guessing the last 20-30 weren't that great as Slovakia scored a few.

    Another thing, I was positive Perry had 2 assists but it says only 1 on tsn and the score. He assisted on Crosby's first goal and his second, Perry at the point passed down low to Bergeron who passed/shot and Crosby tapped it in. Is that not an assist?

    All in all, there were some good and bad things in this game

    Good: High octane offence from big line
    Offence from a few lines

    Bad: the Stewart line I didn't see much of
    i'm guessing lacking intensity after being up 5-1
    goaltending must have been shaky w/ 3 given up to slovakia, i bet the backup gets the start next game
  2. It's the first two you mentioned doing all the work. Perry fits in well, but if he goes down, or struggles, he can be replaced and that line will still click.

    They ran into some penalty trouble, and looked disinterested for a time. Syrvet also couched one up and left his partner and Glass out to dry. It's good though. It'll show them that they have to play 60 minutes each and every time out. It'll also give Sutter something to be pissed about, and he will get that problem solved.

    Well, call that a make good for the assist he got in Winnipeg when he didn't even touch the puck (Bergeron's cross crease pass to Crosby).

    However, the officals were pretty stingy on handing out assists on a few of the goals.
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