Bruins Revamp Squad Via Deadline Deals

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    Beantown (AP):

    In the week leading up to the HFNHL trade deadline GM Kruegs faced a terrible dilemma - whether to accept defeat and let his franchise continue to stumble around in the dark like a sleep-walking toddler, or turn on the lights, shake the cobwebs out of that dozy bear's head and give it a new set of pyjamas...<something like that anyway>. GM Kruegs chose the latter - and the franchise woke up on the other side of the trade deadline with a whole whack of new clothes:

    OUT: Mikko Koivu, Jaret Stoll, Cory Schneider, BOS 1st 2011, BOS 3rd 2011, WAS 3rd 2011, BOS 3rd 2012, $1M cash to PIT

    IN: Jason Spezza, Michal Handzus, Drew Stafford, Michal Neuvirth, Ed Jovanovksi, SJS 1st 2013, CGY 2nd 2011, PIT 2nd 2012, and some permanent farmers ( Dustin Stevenson and Guillame Monast ), $500K from DET

    Thats a whole new wardrobe. When GM Kruegs was asked how the team will wear its new clothes, he replied:"The new spring look is solid but we need to focus on pulling up our socks in order to drive sales in May. The summer outlook is all about tightening the belt, but the fall is looking primo and we may work in a few addtional accessories to really spice up our winter line for 2012."

    Despite rumoured reports of a logo change - GM Kruegs stated,"We've seen others try that and fail - no chance."

    Beantown fans are ecstatic with the new changes, and beer consumption is up 25% already at the Rusty Bean. This bodes well for the new-look Bruins.

    Bobby Orr
    Boston Globe
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    Fear = increased beer sales. Just saying.

    Awesome article.
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