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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Donga, Dec 16, 2003.

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    Two Home games and no result within site. Although, the teams that they did play came in the form of the Columbus Blue Jackets and Anaheim Mighty Ducks. One is a cup contender and the former is in the playoff hunt with recent addition.

    In two games, a few numbers have really stood out.

    88 - The number of shots conceded.
    32 - The number of shots made
    15 - Penalties Given
    51 - PIM
    100 - PK Percentage

    In the home season opener, the Hurricanes entertained the BJ's. It didn't take long for the first penalties of the season to be handled out to a Canes player. PJ Stock took exception to the cross check that he got from Aki "I'm a Fairy" Berg and proceeded to ruffle him up. Both were sent to the box. 4-4 hockey and the BJ's took advantage of the open ice. Sanderson gets the first goal. The Canes quickly answered with one from Simpson before the Canes scored again. The BJ's may have outshot the Canes 3:1 but most of the shots were from the point which the Canes cleared easily.

    Starting the second, BJ's had a 2-man advantage which was killed successfully. The crowd was sensing something was about to happen but nothing came of that period. The only thing that did happen was a few more penalties and killed. This really got the crowd going.

    Going into the third, the 2-1 scoreline and a tie was within reach. But it was the Jackets that scored the vital goal late in the period and killed off the game. However, Wade Flaherty had to be commended for his 40 from 43 save performance.

    In the second game, it was more of the same as the Canes took on Cup hopefuls the Ducks. The game got to a fierce start as Scott Mellanby decide to take out the smallest player on the ice, Curtis Murphy. Not to be out done, Murphy decided to use his ninja skills and proceed to hack at Mellanby with his stick. Both were instantly ejected and Daze followed Mellanby as he looked limp while he went to serve Mellanby's penalty. With two the better scorers gone from the team, it didn't foretold what was going to happen later in the game.

    In the second period, it was Ducks all the way. A 5 goal period for the Ducks as they totally put the Canes under a lot of pressure. It was so heated that even Wade Flaherty got called for a roughting penalty. Looking at the video, Flaherty had a case. Apparently, Lindros let one rip and was audible to most of the crowd. It seemed that Flaherty couldn't get out Lindros' butt in time to get some fresh air.

    The third was more of the same.

    After the game, Canes coach Tony Granato seemed in a relax manner. " Well, we played against two excellent teams and I think we have acquitted ourselves well. Sure we may have lost but our PK units has been simply awesome so far."

    So two games, 1 goal for the fans. Canes have two more home games before they head off to Ottawa. Better pray they score a few more goals.

    Carol Lina
    Raleigh Express
  2. I suspect all the fans are watching the farm team since apparently that's where all your talent is playing.
    Here's a hint ... farm team = 55OV players and pro rsoter is for the 65+OV players. Not the other way around.

    Raleigh news is reporting a large rally is being held today by Carolina fans calling for the dismissal of the Hurricane management.
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