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    Well, I suppose I should be happy that four of my prospects left the tourney with a gold medal around their neck, but I'm just having trouble seeing that way. Overall though, with 8 players at the tourney, one was named to the tourney allstar team, while two others were named as one of the top 3 players on their team.

    A look at the individual performances relative to expectations:

    Dmitri Orlov
    Wore an 'A' and was a clear leader for the Russians. Logged a ton of minutes in all situations and flashed loads of offensive skill. Second in points by a d-man to Ellis with 9 points in 7 games and named to the all-tourney team. Still had a few defensive lapses, but part of his risk-reward style. Despite that, led the tourney in +/- at +10. Grade: A

    Joni Ortio
    The starter thoughout the tourney for Finland and was arguably the best goalie at the tourney. Finished second in GAA (1.86) and SVG (93.12) to Campbell, although didn't have near the supporting cast on his blueline as the U.S. did. Grade: A

    Johan Larsson
    Seen as a depth player for the Swedes coming into the tourney, Larsson emerged as a key forward for the team. To this point, the Swedish coaches surprisingly named Larsson one of the top 3 players for the team at the tourney, ahead of such names as Lander, Jarnkrock and Fasth. Built a huge rep in the faceoff circle putting up some gaudy numbers, including winning over 90% of his faceoffs in a few games. Grade: A

    Nikita Dvurchenski
    Ended up as one of the top Russian forwards with 3+3=6, including the insurance marker against Canada in the final. Was a solid member of Russia's top 6, albeit with out some of the sizzle of his countrymen. But lots of polish to his offensive game. Grade: B+

    Calvin de Haan
    Wore an 'A' and was a key part of the top 4 for Canada despite battling through an injury. Averaged almost a point a game while showing lots of poise and puck skills, although he got a little loose with the puck a few times. Complimented Ellis quite well on the PP. Grade: B

    Anton Burdasov
    A depth forward for the team, Burdasov flashed tremendous moves and skills in each of the games, and received some great reviews from onlooking scouts, but the production wasn't there. Has to figure out how to apply his skills a bit more. Grade: C

    Nikita Zaitsev
    Suffered a significant wrist injury in the first match, and after missing a game, came back to play, but not until the final did he start to see regular minutes. That said, he was terrific in the final and saw top 4 minutes in the game. Can QB the PP, but took a back-seat to Orlov in the tourney, who commonaded the majority of PP minutes at the point. The wrist injury has to be factored in to his grade, but still. Grade: C

    Konrad Abeltshauser
    I didn't catch any of the German games or read many reports that mentioned him, but with no production at the tourney, I was a little disappointed. He was expected to be a leader for the team given his experience in North America. That said, the Germans had a rough tourney all around, so tough to guage individual performances when the team is overmatched most nights. Grade: C-

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