Bill Mahoney....North Stars 80's coach

Discussion in 'The History of Hockey' started by puckhead103*, Aug 15, 2006.

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  1. puckhead103*

    puckhead103* Guest

    he coached the north stars between 1983 to 1985....

    does anyone know what happened to him...or what he is doing now?

    i would like to write a letter to him...
  2. Ogopogo*

    Ogopogo* Guest

    I think he passed away from cancer about 10 years ago.
  3. puckhead103*

    puckhead103* Guest


    where did u hear of his passing?
  4. Ogopogo*

    Ogopogo* Guest

    I just vaguely remember a story of an ex-North Stars coach passing. It might not have even been Mahoney, it was a long time ago.
  5. Fugu

    Fugu Guest

    Am I good or what?

    Ha! I am a whiz at uncovering information. I took your query as a personal challenge.

    Mr. Mahoney decided to invest in Canada's passion for doughnuts! He apparently owns 9 franchises in London, which also happens to be where he makes his home....

    Enjoy & here is the link!
  6. puckhead103*

    puckhead103* Guest

    link did not work...
  7. puckhead103*

    puckhead103* Guest

    is this a joke...because the link does not work....and i can't find any info on google....:madfire:
  8. Fugu

    Fugu Guest

    Yeah, right, try to help a guy out and...

    It was a "cache" captured by Google's spiders. These things shift, so even if you go back and search on the same terms, the original article shows up but the cache updates over some period of time.

    If you are interested in the article, you can go to the Peterborough newspaper and search their archives. However, you wanted to know where Mahoney was today. He is in London, ON, and if you want to reach him, try the Tim Horton franchises in London.

    You are welcome btw.
  9. Fugu

    Fugu Guest

    Search on Google with the following terms exactly as I have them...

    "bill mahoney" "north stars"

    Half way down, when you see the Osprey Media result,click on cached...

    I'll try to PM you the article although seeing how grateful you are being, why am I bothering?

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