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    GM Krueger and Coach Burns held a press conference at the Rusty Bean last night to confirm what many of the Bruin faithful had been hearing - that Mats Sundin was about to be traded. Indeed, Mats is moving on.

    "The Bruins are sad to announce the departure of our team captain, Mats Sundin.
    Mats has been a true leader on and off the ice, and he has helped carry us to the playoffs twice since he came here. Our run to the Eastern Conference final last year could not have been acheived without him. Mats will be missed. He is heading south to Nashville for some grits, 'shine, and fine country hospitality. He will likely take over the captaincy of the Predators.

    However, it isn't all doom and gloom.

    We are very pleased to announce the arrival of two young players who have a bright future in Beantown: Milan Michalek, and Steve Ott. Milan needs no introduction - he is a premiere talent with excellent potential to turn into a first line winger at some point in the future. Our doctors researched his knee condition and have determined that he has responded well to surgery, and that he will make a full and healthy recovery without any setbacks to his game. Steve has already emerged as a shift-disturber who plays with tremendous intensity, looks out for his team-mates, is improving defensively, and who we believe has some untapped offensive potential. In addition to the two youngsters, Nashville has sent us their 7th round pick for this years draft. We're pleased with this move, and welcome both young talents to our organization."

    So there you have it - the sun sets on Mats in Beantown. However, a new day dawns with Michalek, and Ott. The future is bright.

    Bobby Orr
    Boston Globe
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