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Discussion in 'Mock Drafts' started by Branden, Apr 10, 2011.

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    Hey just wanted to inform you about a be a pro SHL league where you create a player, and put him through a hockey journey from juniors to the bigs. Maybe you want to be a 50 goal sniper like Ovechkin, or maybe you want to lead the league in assists as a playmaker like Sedin. You even have the option to be a defensive forward, or be a heavyweight like Orr. Whatever you want to be we have it, and once you create your player, he will be drafted by real GM's to their junior teams. Although this sounds fun, its serious and competitive. There are minimum 50 other prospects eligeble for the Junior draft, and you could go anywhere from the 1st to 7th round. You earn points along the way and can improve your pro's attributes and overall. You will then be drafted by a SHL team in the bigs and you continue your legacy. If you would like to register please say that Branden recruited you. And sign with the Prince George Fiebirds, we would lov u on the team! Just try it trust me its amazing

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