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    It is a 6 Team tournament divided in two groups (A+B) which will play two qualification games. The first and second classified Team of each group plays the semi-finals. The winners of the semi-finals will play the final game; the losers of the semi-finals will play the game for the 3rd rank. Both teams classified on the third place after the qualification round will play a game for rank 5. (Each team will at least play 3 games)

    [​IMG] Barys Astana
    [​IMG] Basel
    [​IMG] Bern
    [​IMG] JYP
    [​IMG] Krefeld Pinguine
    [​IMG] SKA St. Petersburg

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    Day 1
    Barys Astana - JYP Jyväskylä 3:5 (0:1, 2:3, 1:1)
    0:1 - 06.50 Turo Asplund (Ilvonen) PP1
    1:1 - 22.20 Dustin Boyd (Hutchinson, Kreps)
    1:2 - 23.23 Miika Lahti (Riska, Sipiläinen)
    1:3 - 24.14 Jani Tuppurainen (Pihlman)
    1:4 - 26.01 Filip Riska (Lahti, Sipiläinen)
    2:4 - 28.10 Roman Starchenko (Gratton, Polishuk)
    3:4 - 54.21 Lukas Kaspar (Dallman) PP1
    3:5 - 59.54 Eric Perin EN
    PIM: 2x2 - 5x2 Att: -

    SKA St. Petersburg - EHC Basel Sharks 7:0 (1:0, 2:0, 4:0)
    1:0 - 04.52 Denis Denisov (Weinhandl, Martensson) PP1
    2:0 - 24.47 Gleb Klimenko (Martensson, Weinhandl)
    3:0 - 36.58 Maxim Rybin (Semyonov, Vorobyev)
    4:0 - 49.05 Kirill Koltsov (Afinogenov, Thoresen)
    5:0 - 52.59 Petr Prucha (Afinogenov, Vorobyev)
    6:0 - 57.58 Fedor Fedorov (Kruchinin)
    7:0 - 58.39 Maxim Afinogenov (Thoresen)
    PIM: 4x2 - 4x2 Att: 915

    I love this tournament but it wasnt a very entertaining first day besides the Barys match, I think everybody expected SKA to run over Basel. Excited for today though, SKA get a test and it wouldnt surprise me if Barys finished in 3rd, Bern will be a tough test.
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    i wasn't able to write on board so scores are missing.... Tournament is now over and JYP Jyvaskyla won final against Ska St.Petersburg 3-2ot. Im quite suprised for the result because Ska's players have played alltogether 3000 Nhl games and they won Carolina Hurriganes a year ago 5-3
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    Well, never take preseason too seriously. Last preseason Salavat Yulaev met Västerås in SEL-2 and the result was like 5-5 and Radulov and the other stars were playing :laugh:

    How did Vatanen do in the tournament? Heard he putted up some points..?

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