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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Ohio Jones, Jan 26, 2007.

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    Columbus head coach Mike Babcock doesn't need anyone to tell him what happened tonight in the Blue Jackets' first game of the season agaisnt their expansion cousins, the Wild.

    "I screwed up", he told reporters following the game. "I missed the deadline for submitting our lineup card. We weren't planning to start Pete (rookie netminder Budaj) again so soon, and we weren't expecting the combinations that worked for us in Phoenix to work against the Wild.

    "The players take some responsibility - things change in a game situation, you aren't always going to be with your usual linemates, these guys have to adapt and play through diversity. But I'm on the hook for this one, no question."

    The Wild hit up Budaj for 4 goals on 21 shots, while the Jackets could only muster one goal in response, Kaith Carney's first of the season. Neither team managed to score on their few chances with the man advantage. Last night, Budaj recorded his first ever HFNHL shutout against Phoenix in a 24-save performance.

    Budaj isn't the only one on the ice who had a rough night. The top line of Mark Bell, Henrik Sedin and Brendan Shanahan was victimized for 3 goals, and for once was held off the scoresheet themselves.

    "It was not a good night", a laconic Sedin intoned after the game. "We'll be better tomorrow."

    The Jackets continue their road swing with a rare same-day, two town double-header, in Philly to take on the Flyers in the afternoon, then home that evening to host the Capitals.

    Carney, who was disappointed to see his lone goal go in a losing effort, remarked on the travel. "What can I say: it's a screwy schedule. We're not alone, though: lots of teams have weird stuff happening in the schedule this year. We'll just have to dig deep and come up with more than we did tonight."

    GM Doug Emerson was even more direct.

    "The schedule sucks. What else is there to say?"

    No word yet whether Emerson's comments will draw a fine from the league, but with a team on the outside of the playoff rankings at this stage, that's probably not the first thing on the GM's mind.

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