Articles and Other Stuff Pertaining to The Aesthetics of Hockey In The 90s (and 2000)

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    Sharks Logo and Uniform Unveiling + Press Kit, February 1991


    Press Kit Part 1:

    Part 2:–-february-12-1991-part-2/

    Senators Sweater News, November 1991

    Details on Penguins Redesigned Logo and Uniforms, 1992



    Mighty Ducks Unveil Logo and Uniforms, June 1993


    Merchandising Sales Story:

    Panthers Unveil Logo and Uniforms, June 1993 panthers logo&pg=1976,8305911 panthers logo&pg=6843,8319509

    Bruins Logo News, October and December 1994

    ''Four Teams Looking to Reportedly Change Logos'', January 1995

    Bruins Logo News, March 1995

    Canucks Contemplate Logo and Name Changes, May 1995

    Capitals Announce Changes to Logos and Uniforms, May 1995

    Capitals Logo Leaks, June 1995

    Islanders Unveil New Sweaters, June 1995


    Capitals Unveil New Logo and Sweaters, June 1995,3736708&dq=washington+capitals&hl=en

    Quebec Nordiques become Colorado Avalanche, July and August 1995

    Post Reports Team to Be Called Avalanche:

    Team Unveils Uniforms and Logo: Avalanche&sc=0

    Bruins Unveil New Uniforms, September 1995,3502692&dq=boston+bruins+logo&hl=en

    Future of CCM as NHL Jersey Manufacturer, January 1996

    Assorted NHL Jersey News, January and February 1996

    NHL 3rd Jerseys Debut, January 1996


    Background on Jerseys
    : Jersey;Display_

    Islanders Petition NHL to Ditch Fisherman Logo, April 1996

    Islanders ''Must Keep Fisherman Logo Until 1998'', April 1996

    Sabres Unveil Sweaters and Logo, April 1996

    Coyotes Name and Logo Unveiled, April 1996 Coyotes 1996;Display_

    Coyotes Unveil Sweaters, August 1996

    Rangers Third Sweater Set To Debut, January 1997 third jersey statue&stcse

    Canadiens Rumored to Get Alternate Sweater, March 1997 Jersey;Display_

    Canucks Unveil New Logo/Uniforms

    Background/Speculation of Changes Comings(May 1995, March 1997):

    Logo Leaks Month Prior to Unveiling, May 1997:

    Details, June 1997: (Credit: CanucksFanatic92)

    DetailsX2, June 1997:

    Hurricanes Unveil Logo, June 1997 Jerseys;Display_

    Hurricanes Unveil Sweaters, August 1997

    Blue Jackets Announce Name, November 1997 Blue Jackets 1997;Display_

    Predators Announce Name, November 1997 Predators 1997;Display_

    Blues and Flyers Unveil Alternate Sweaters, December 1997

    Wild Name Announced, January 1998

    Islanders Plan to Revert to Classic Look, April 1998

    Thrashers Unveil Logos, April 1998

    Stars Won't Be Allowed to Wear Alternate Sweater in Playoffs, April 1998

    Kings Unveil New Sweaters, November 1998 Jerseys;Display_

    Nike Likely To Drop NHL Sponsorship By End of The Season, September 1998

    NHL Renews Apparel Deal With CCM, October 1998

    Story on NHL Sweater Prices + Oilers Designing New Sweaters ''for New Millennium'', November 1998

    Pro Player and CCM become sole NHL Jersey Manufactures for 99-00, November 1998

    Sharks Apparel Selling Poorly, November 1998

    Canadian Fashion Experts Critique NHL Jerseys, November 1998

    Thrashers Unveil Sweaters, March 1999

    Bruins Upset with Starter, May 1999

    Starter-NHL Tied Up in Court Over Stanley Cup Merchandise, May 1999

    Lemieux Hires Firm to Design New Penguins Logo, August 1999

    Blue Jackets Unveil Sweaters, October 1999

    Wild Unveil Sweaters, November 1999

    Top Selling NHL Sweaters, December 1999

    Senators Unveil New 3rd Sweater, July 2000

    NHL Top Sweater Sellers, December 2000
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    :laugh: Wow. Thats a lot of interesting inf & data there Felix.... now, where ya'll headed with it? We'll need a reason to keep this thread open. Valuable resource for some but beyond that? Maybe a Poll? Best/Worst Jerseys' All Time?
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    Shouldn't that be enough of a reason?

    Point is: I think it has some interesting links to stories that are historical in nature and are significant to the history of the sport.
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