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    Hi guys, I have gotten back into hockey in the last year after 10 yrs away from the game. I started with a cheap pair of ill-fitting skates just over a year ago playing shinny, but quickly upgraded to a pair of bauer vapor X-shifts (part x40 part x50).

    I have notice with both pairs of skates a recurring problem. I get a sore spot (to the touch) along the outside of my ankles about 1.5" above the top of the boot (in the space between the tongue and tendon guard). The spot is very focused in an area the size of a quarter and feels like its along the bone/tendon not muscle. There is nothing visible.

    This isn't a problem when im playing games once a week, but definitely a problem when im on the ice more than 2 times a week, especially for shinny where im actually ON the ice for over an hour at a time.

    The Vapor X-shifts fit VERY well in the foot, where my big toe is just grazing the front of the toe box and the width is suitable so that my foot is snug and there is absolutely zero discomfort in the foot. However, I will say the ankle volume of the boot is a LITTLE big for my slim ankles, so I compensate by tying up the top three eyelets fairly tight to snug up the skates. I do NOT wrap the laces or tape my ankles.

    Now I have been told to try and skip the top eyelet and/or loosen up the ankle area, but I dont feel as though my foot is secure in the boot that way, and dont feel comfortable skating.

    Has anyone encountered such a problem??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. As I just played in a weekend tourney (5 games in 4 days) and my ankles are killing me!!!



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