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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Tampa GM, Jan 23, 2006.

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    Last year Tampa Bay was one of the worst teams in the league and the team only won 12 games and got 34 points during the season. Rumours mention that Tampa was intrested in drafting Ovechkin as 1st overall, now that didnt happen and they had to be satisfied with the 3rd overall pick which they later traded.

    After 27 games this season the franchise has won 14 games for 30 points, only four points less then last year. Its a sure thing that Tampa will improve, the only question is by how many points?

    Anyother question is how many more points Tampa would have had with a decent goalie in goal? No offense to Ron Tugnutt but he aint All Star material.

    With a winning record of 55% and a few wins last week it seems like Tampa will reach the playoffs after all and if they can continue to play like this they might even end up with home-ice advantage in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

    So far this season Daniel Sedin has been a hugh success. 32 points and the leading scorer among left wingers are two things that GM Martin Sedin didnt expect before the season started. Mario Lemieux who is playing his first HFNHL season in Tampa and his last season overall has been a disappointment so far. Formerly known as Super-Mario has only scored twice so far. Has Super-Mario lost his scoring touch?

    Recently Brett Hull, another playing who is on his goodbye tour in the HFNHL, has started to score and has 10 goals so far. 10 goals is ok and Hull are one of Tampas best players so far. The biggest surprise besides Sedins 32 points is that the defenseman Havelid has an amazing 17 points from the point, two of those are powerplay goals.

    Overall powerplay hasnt worked for Tampa and rumours mention that Mr Sedin might start to looking for a trade to improve that area.

    Right winger Mikael Samuelsson who was sign as a restricted free agent in the summer is not satiesfied with his ice-time so far this season. Samuelsson has spent the first half of season on the 4th line with just a few minutes per game. Center Derek Armstrong was recently promoted to the third line instead of another veteran center, Chris Gratton.

    The question is if Samuelsson will follow him? If he does, enforcer Tie Domi will spend some time in the 4th line with just a few minutes of play each game.

    Speaking of enforcers, Andrew Peters has played really well and has five points and 49 minutes so far. Has he surpassed Domi as Tampas number 1 enforcer?

    If we look at Tampas prospect its hard not to talk about the golden three, Thoresen, Locke and Edler. Edler is still on track to score one point per game in the WHL, Locke scored his 29th point of the season and Thoresen is just a few
    points from the magic 30 points in the SEL. It looks like Tampa might earn 3.000.000$ if they continue to produce.
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