Almost a year later, rate my draft

Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by A Good Flying Bird*, Mar 5, 2006.

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  1. Drafting for Colorado
    1 (9) Jack Skille F
    Not huge, but plays a powerforward game that reminds me of Iginla. Not as flat out fast, but powerful skater with hard nose and goal scorers hands.
    Not sure if he's the best pick at 9th overall, but I think he'll be a first line stud someday. I think PL would have drafted Guilliaume Latendresse, given his love of french guys. I also considered Tuuka Rask, the finish goalie. But I also knew that I'd get a shot at Frazee later.

    2. (42) Risto Kohronen D
    Don't know much about him, but he's a good sized defenseman who many rate as a first round pick. Seemed like a good value,

    2. (52) Jeff Frazee G
    I think the Frazee pick will be similar to the Red Wings drafting of Howard a few years ago. Most likely, you'll be seeing him goaltending for the USA at upcoming USA U20 WJCs. He's one of those technically sound goalies with the athleticism to be spectacular. Plus he seems to have nerves of steel.

    3. (71) Alexander Sundstrom F (not my pick)
    All i know is that his stock has dropped because of injuries. I was at work all day without the net and he got picked.

    5. (136) Alexander Hellstrom D

    Good sized defender who is very raw. Pretty physical. But his skating needs work.
    I remember a few years ago someone describled Maxim Kuznetsov as Frankenstein on steak knives. That image always stuck with me.
    Still, Hellstrom is one of those guys who might just make it over. Saw him play four games in Ann Arbor last year, and he was Sweden's second best defenseman on the u18 team,

    6. (186) Tommi Leinonen D
    Another good sized defenseman, this one from Finland. Looking at my draft order, I feel lucky to have gotten Leinonen, because now that I check my notes from the U18 tourney in Ann Arbor, was ranked as the second best non-American defender in the tourney (behind Hjalmarsson of Sweden).
    Leinonen is a better skater than Hellstrom. He's very solid in his own end. And he plays a tough, physical game. Named captain of the team, his coaches must have felt he had leadership skills.
    I think I should have picked him over Hellstrom. But who cares? No one else got him.

    7.(204) Reto Berra G
    Another kid I saw in Ann Arbor.
    Berra played three splendid games for the Swiss team, including a spectacular game against Finland. He's big (6'3) He seems well positioned. I'm not sure how athletic he is.
    I think he's got a decent chance at making the NHL
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    i said at the time I would have expected Colorado to go after more forwards.

    I like the Skille pick and it seem like he'd fill needs with CO

    Risto looks like a reach now that he slipped to the forth. Helmstrom and Leinonen seem like good lower round picks.

    I like the Frazee pick.

    All that said, i'll take our actual draft over this one with the exception of Skille

  3. Yeah, well LaCroix did have a very good draft, didn't he.

    I really like getting Mercier in the sixth or seventh.
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    My draft.

    1, 22. Andrew Cogliano
    2, 38. Matt Niskanen
    3, 86. Jason Bailey
    5, 152. Devereaux Heshmatpour-horrible pick. I had run out of time, and just threw a name out there.
    6, 169. Pier-Oliver Pelletier
    7, 218. Brian Salcido
    8, 233. Maxim Joyal
    8, 252. Joe Fallon
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    I'm happy with my fantasy draft...
    Kenndal McArdle, Tyler Plante, Joe Barnes (missed Kris Russel by 1 pick and I balanced with Collins), Nathan Gerbe and I added 2 extras picks with trades to select Joe Fallon and Alex Sundstrom... all players are having decent seasons. :)
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    I love that pick. He was sensational at the juniors. I plan to pick him in my draft this year. THE next Gerber. Or Aebisher.
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