A look at how the Colorado north american prospects have started the season

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    Since Ville Isopää took over as the full-time GM, nobody has been safe in the organisation. As a result of a drastic cost cutting, re-construction scheme, most of the players on the team are new. The lone survivors of the Martin Trembley era are forwards Dean McAmmond, Dmitri Afanasenkov, Martin Samuelsson along with defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky and goalies Marc Denis and Philippe Sauve (On a sidenote, Mr.Isopää was responsible for drafting Afanasenkov, and Samuelsson). In the past two drafts, Colorado has added great depth and skill to all positions. Here's a look at how the prospects are doing.

    The NHL

    Sidney Crosby (drafted #1 in 2005)
    Playing for a team that just can't seem to win a game, mostly due to bad defense and goaltending, Crosby has been a star as expected. He leads the team and all rookies in the NHL with 11 points in 8 games. He has also added 8 penalty minutes. Colorado fans will be looking forward to seeing him in on the top line next season hopefully ending the non-playoff phase of the rebuild process.

    Rotislav Olesz (drafted #4 in 2004)
    After securing a spot in the Florida lineup in camp, Olesz started out strong, being one of the most consistent players on the young team. However, seven games in to the season he was injured and is expected to miss about a month of hockey. Even if his numbers aren't as impressive as Crosby's, his 3 points are enough to rank him 5th on the team, which is really good for a kid who started the season as a 19 year old. Look for Olesz to be part of one of the top two lines in Colorado for many years to come.

    Matt Murley (trade)
    On the verge of being too old to be listed, Murley currently plays on the same team as Crosby. Sofar he hasn't put up any points, but his work has mostly been on the 3rd and 4th lines, while leaving the scoring to the top lines. Murley should improve his game over the season and Colorado expect to get him under contract for next season, improving the bottom 6.

    Christoph Schubert (drafted #93 in 2002)
    Schubert made the Ottawa team out of camp, but has spent the start of the season in the press box due to a log jam on defense and the suprisingly good play of young players Pothier and Meszaros. As soon as there's an injury, count on Schubert to step in and make a pitch for securing a spot and forcing the Ottawa management to move a defenseman. Schubert should secure a spot in Colorado next fall.

    The AHL

    Sean Bergenheim (drafted #35 in 2002)
    One of the last cuts in the NYI camp, it was a suprise he didn't make the team. Bergenheim has started out the season nicely scoring at a point per game average over the first 5 games of the season, good for 4th on the team. Depending on call-ups, he is one of the players that Colorado is counting on for making the Mountain Dew endorsement. Bergenheim is projected as a versitile player with blinding speed to lead the 3rd line with a possibility of making the 2nd line depending on the developement of his offensive game.

    Eric Fehr (trade)
    Comming off a season where he dominated the WHL, Fehr has had a strong start to his AHL rookie season. 5 points in 6 games, good enough for 5th on the Hesey team is just what the Colorado management was looking for. Depending on call-ups, he is one of the players that Colorado is counting on for making the Mountain Dew endorsement. Fehr is projected to play RW on the top line with Sidney Crosby for many years to come.

    Adrian Foster (trade)
    After making the New Jersey team from camp, Foster didn't get to dress up for any games before being sent down to Albany. So far in 2 games all he has to show is 4 penalty minutes. Much more is expected from the talanted but injury-prone forward, who if he can put it all together and stay healthy for a full season could eventually take a run at a spot in the top 6. At this moment however, the best is just to wait and see if he can make the step from AHL to NHL.

    Marek Kvapil (drafted #197 in 2005)
    After a good rookie season in the OHL and a nice showing in the WJC playing on a line with fellow Colorado prospect Rotislav Olesz, Kvapil had a nice camp in Tampa Bay. However he couldn't secure a spot there and was sent to Springfield. Playing mostly on the 3rd line, Kvapil has scored one goal in 5 games. Kvapil has to add some weight to be able to make it in the pro's, but could eventually fill an offensive role on the 3rd line.

    Mark Mancari (drafted #130 in 2004)
    After two solid seasons for Ottawa in the OHL, Mancari made Rochester out of camp. So far he has dressed up for 2 games and has 2 assists. If he can continue producing and perfect his physical game, he could turn out to be a nice bottom 6 power forward a few years down the road.

    Masi Marjamäki (drafted #144 in 2003)
    Team-mate of Bergenheim in Bridgeport, Marjamäki is mostly playing the 3rd line to start out the season, and has so far registered one assist in three games. With call-ups and as he gets adjusted to the pro game, his numbers should increase after the christmas break. Marjamäki is seen as a bottom 6 player some 2 years down the road.

    Marc-Antoine Pouliot (drafted #24 in 2003)
    After finishing off his QMJHL-career playing with Sidney Crosby, Pouliot will now take a year in the AHL before joining Crosby in the big league. He is expected to be part of the top 6 on the team, possibly playing with his old teammate Crosby. So far this season, Pouliot has 3 points in 4 games, good enough for 4th on the team. Depending on call-ups, he is one of the players that Colorado is counting on for making the Mountain Dew endorsement.

    Jim Sharrow (trade)
    After a good CHL-carreer in Halifax, Sharrow has only dressed up for one game this season in AHL. He will most likely pick up more ice time as the season goes on. Sharrow is still atleast 2 years from making an impact in Colorado, but will make a serious challenge on the defense.

    Mikko Viitanen (drafted #??? 2001)
    After spending the major part of the past two seasons in ECHL, Viitanen is starting the season in Lowell. Not known for his offensive game, Viitanen has picked up one assist in 5 games this season. Viitanen will eventually have problems making the roster in Colorado due to the depth in the organisation.

    The ECHL

    Jeff Glass (drafted #95 in 2004)
    Due to the numbers game, Glass was sent to ECHL instead of starting his season in AHL. In the first game of the season he showed that he should be back up in AHL soon. He saved all 40 shots in his pro debute and will most likely be called up if he keeps up the level. However, it might serve him better to play starter in ECHL than backup in AHL. Glass should challenge Sauve for the future backup spot of Marc Denis.

    Konstantin Zakharov (trade)
    After a dissapointing 04-05 rookie season, Zakharov is starting out with Alaska in the ECHL. In the first two games he has gone pointless. Hopefully he can build some confidence and return to the AHL soon, and make belivers out of the fans. At the moment there are a lot of questions about his future, but if all goes well, he could be a dangerous threat on a scoring line.

    The CHL

    Joe Barnes (drafted #106 in 2005)
    Barnes has picked up from where he ended last season, scoring at almost a point a game average, with 11 points in 12 games. He is showing that he could one day be part of a strong 3rd line in Colorado. Barnes is still 2-3 years from making an impact on the big team.

    Blake Comeau (drafted #173 in 2004)
    Drafted to become a central part of the 3rd line in Colorado, Comeau has started to show suprising offensive skills, after a successful 04-05 season, this season he has been unstoppable. His 20 points in 13 games are good enough to be one of the constant challengers for the top scorer in WHL. Comeau should make a challenge in camp next fall, but could need yet another year before making a serious challenge for a roster spot. With the increased depth on the team, Comeau will most likely have to settle for a place on the 3rd line. Comeau is one of the players that Colorado is counting on for making the Mountain Dew endorsement.

    Chad Klassen (drafted #244 in 2004)
    Returning for his overage year, Klassen is, as expected, leading Spokane in scoring with 12 points in 10 games. Klassen is a longshot at making Colorado, but will next season make a push for the farm. He has the skills, but questions about size and transition to the pro game are something he will have to face if he wants to make the Colorado roster.

    Stanislav Lascek (drafted #204 in 2004)
    After losing part of last season to injuries, thereby missing out on scoring 100 points, Lascek has started the season on fire. He has 32 points in the first 15 games. Last season he almost matched Crosby in assists per game average, but this season Lascek has already almost matched his totals in goals, showing that he can finish with the best of them and not only be the set up guy. If Lascek can add a little strenght, he might find himself on the 2nd line in Colorado within 2 seasons. Lascek is one of the players that Colorado is counting on for making the Mountain Dew endorsement.

    Vaclav Meidl (drafted #49 in 2004)
    04-05 was a slump for Meidl, almost being written off by the organisation. It now seems like Meidl has found his game again picking up 7 points in his first 11 games and adding 18 penalty minutes. With the size he brings, he could find himself as an important part of the bottom 6. Meidl is still some 3 years from making an impact.

    Benoit Mondou (drafted #260 in 2004)
    After not making the Boston or Providence teams in the higher leagues, Mondou returned to Shawinigan for his overage year. He has started out on fire picking up 10 goals and 10 assists in 10 games. The only flaw in his perfect 10's stats is that he has 11 penalty minutes. If Mondou can make the transition to the pro game, he could eventually find his way to Colorado. Mondou is one of the players that Colorado is counting on for making the Mountain Dew endorsement.

    Phil Oreskovic (drafted #125 in 2005)
    Big defensive defenseman Oreskovic isn't known for scoring much. This season he has not recorded any points in the 11 games, but he has picked up an impressive 50 penalty minutes. Oreskovic could end up as a stay at home defenseman in the 3rd pairing a few years down the road.

    Ryan Parent (drafted #23 in 2005)
    The first of the two defensemen that Colorado picked in the 2005 draft, Parent has added something of a offensive dimension to his game this season. While keeping up his solid defensive game, in the first 13 games, Parent has already matched his previous season high with 2 goals. He also has 4 assists to make a total of 6 points. His penalty minutes are also almost matching his previous career high by picking up 30 minutes. Parent is an integral part of the future defense of Colorado and should eventually settle in as a top 4 defenseman.

    Ondrej Pavelec (drafted #32 in 2005)
    Filling in on the weakest position in the organisation, Pavelec immidiatly adds a quality goalie to the system. Pavelec has started the season very strongly after comming over to play in the QMJHL. He currently ranks 6th among all goalies in save percentage, 3rd among starters. He's facing an average of almost 40 shots per game, so he has his work cut out to keep his Cape Breton team in the games. Pavelec is still a few years from seriously challenging Marc Denis for the starter position, but as Denis is just reaching his prime, there is no need to rush Pavelec to the HFNHL and he can take his time to develope into the future starter of Colorado. Pavelec is one of the players that Colorado is counting on for making the Mountain Dew endorsement.

    Kris Russell (drafted #120 in 2005)
    If it wasn't for his size, the scouting department of Colorado thinks that Russell would have been a xonsensus top 15 pick in the draft. Now the only question on Russell is how he can make it in the pro's with his size. Adding weight would help him a lot, but the skills are there to already play. Depending on how he can manage the tougher game in the pro's, Russell could be in Colorado in 2-3 years. Russell has 11 points in 12 games and is one of the players that Colorado is counting on for making the Mountain Dew endorsement.

    Bobby Ryan (drafted #6 in 2005)
    Ryan will always be known as "that other forward we picked in 05". Any other year, that's not a very nice tag line to have, but in 05 the top guy was Sidney Crosby. So far Ryan has done everything to make people forget about Crosby picking up 25 points in the first 9 games. He has a place picked out for him playing the wing on the Crosby-line 2 years down the road. Ryan is one of the players that Colorado is counting on for making the Mountain Dew endorsement.

    Ladislav Scurko (drafted #114 in 2004)
    Drafted mostly due to his defensive skills, Scurko has since shown an offensive side to his game. after a 43 point season, he has started out this season with 7 points in 10 games, good enough to lead Seattle in scoring. Scurko should make a smooth transition to the pro's next season and should take his place in the bottom 6 within 2 years.


    Nathan Gerbe (drafted #198 in 2005)
    Gerbe has had a strong start to his freshman year in Boston, picking up two points in his first 3 games. Being only 5-6, he has to overcome his size to make it in the pro's, but he wouldn't be the first short guy to make it, remember the earlier days of Theo Fleury. Gerbe is still a project and probably won't be challenging for a spot in Colorado for atleast another 3-4 years.

    Chad Kolarik (drafted #269 in 2004)
    After a very nice 35 point freshman season, Kolarik has started out with 3 assists in 5 games. Not bad, but he's stuck on a team with great depth and only so much icetime. He will have to start scoring more to move up the depth chart. Kolarik is some 3 years away from making the Colorado roster.

    Brian Lee (drafted #26 in 2005)
    In his freshman year, Lee is leading the defensemen of North Dakota in scoring with 5 points in 6 games. He is a key piece in the future defense of Colorado and will be making a push for the roster within the next 4 years.

    Mike Lundin (drafted #113 in 2004)
    Playing in his junior year in Maine, Lundin leads the team defensemen in scoring with 2 assists in the first 6 games. He is still a few years away, but could eventually turn out to be a project worth the wait. Lundin projects as a 2nd/3rd pair 2-way defenseman.

    Mason Raymond (drafted #97 in 2005)
    Playing on a weak Minnesota-Duluth team, Raymond has yet to taste victory in the NCAA. He has picked up one point in 4 games, while the top scorers on the team have 2 points. He will have to keep fighting for that first win, as this season will most likely teach him one or two things about winless streaks. Raymond is a project, but has a lot of skill and depending on if he will play out his college career fully, he could be in Colorado earlier than the 4-5 years as projected.

    Chris Zarb (drafted #105 in 2004)
    Zarb enters his freshman year in Ferris State after completing a successfull career in USHL. After 4 games, Zarb leads all defensemen and all freshmen on his team with his 3 points. With the combination of size and skill, Colorado are more than willing to let him develope into the best defenseman he can. If he can progress as expected, Zarb will claim a spot in the top 4 after finishing off his college career.
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