A Great Time Was Had By All!!!

Discussion in 'International Tournaments' started by OttawaRoughRiderFan*, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. No matter the results of tomorrow Canada - USA game, I want to say they I, along with my girlfriend, along with everyone else who I talked to, had a wonderful time at the WJR's.

    It was my first and it was GREAT!!! It was a once in a lifetime, exciting, fun vacation.

    And, most importantly, the hockey was AMAZING!!!

    The kids, on all the teams, played their hearts out and wore the emotions/patriotism on their sleaves.

    Thanks to everyone in Buffalo, including :

    1) US Customs - great job keeping the bridges clear;
    2) The Police at the Arena directing traffic;
    3) The volunteers and people working the Arena;
    4) The (mostly Canadian) fans who made it fun and everything I hoped it would be.

    Thanks to all... GO CANADA GO!!! Win GOLD and make this experience PERFECT!!!

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