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    Grip the sticks, ladies and gentlemen, the Leafs are going to be smashing records this season!

    Let’s talk about the Fab Five in 44-16-34-91-24.

    We all knew this season was going to be hot fire but holy **** this has a been exhilarating. We're only 5 games in but let’s stop and take a look at some of the records that the Buds have already tied or broken:

    Morgan Rielly:
    A record that most old timers thought would stand the test of time has finally has been rewritten. Morgan is off to the best start in NHL history for a Defensemen beating Bobby Orr’s 11 points in 5 games with his own 3 goals and 12 points in 5 games.

    Auston Matthews
    Last night Papi became the 12th player in NHL history to record multi-point in each of teams 5 first games. At the age of 21, Auston becomes the youngest player ever achieve this feat, The Great One was 22 in 83-84. It might be overshadowed a bit but, Matthews tied Ovechkin with 9 goals in first 5 games for best start in 30 years, set last season.

    John Tavares
    Sunday against the Hawks, Tavares became the fourth player in the modern era to record a hat trick with the Maple Leafs within their first three games, including Matthews on his legendary debut in Ottawa. Last night Tavares tied Corb Dennery for third in franchise history for points within the first 5 games with the club.

    If you would have told me in 2015 that within just a few short years we would be here, talking about this team today, I would think you were a sheep.

    Has the Rielly that terrorized the WHL finally emerged in Toronto?

    Balance has been the key to Morgans success. Of his historic 12 points this season he has an even 6 EV vs PP spilt. Sometimes I forget he’s only 24 years old. Last season you could see him taking strides to become a top line defenseman. However, this season Mo has found the next gear, that gear which will help him become a top 5 offensive defender in the league. It’s not much of a hot take anymore, but, Captain Morgan is going to be in the Norris talks at the end of the season.


    Mitch has been my favourite player. All I hear and read is how Pettersson has 99 like vision but Marner looks to be seeing the ice better than anyone this season. At least once a night we are talking about a primary assist that could easily win a TSN 1v1. The board play spin pass against Ottawa was sexy af and my favourite play this season.

    In Auston We Trust.

    I predicted earlier this season that Matthews would score 54 goals but come on, he’s going to be the first to score 60+ goals in a season since Stamkos did a few years ago. I mean, Auston has 5 goals and he hasn’t got going even strength. His 4 power play goals in the first week has him one shy of his total of 5 from last season. It makes you wonder why Matthews didn’t play on the top unit last season.
    Tavares has came as advertised, holy ****.

    He is off to the best start of his career through 5 games:
    17-18: 6G 10P
    16-17: 1G 2P
    15-16: 3G 8P
    14-15: 2G 9P
    13-14: 3G 6P
    12-13: 1G 7P
    11-12: 5G 8P
    10-11: 5G 7P
    09-10: 3G 6P

    Between Papi and Jonny Taranta, they have combined for a total of 60% of all Leafs goals.

    It’s no wonder that coaches have struggled with matching up against the boys. We can all agree, that it's been very refreshing to see Babcock force opposing coaches to line match against us, no more limited
    TOI. Matthews hasn’t missed a beat while it appears he has had the toughest matches 60% of the games.

    Here comes KAPPY!

    The emergence of Kapanen in the absence of Nylander has been everything this team needed. It's clear that Babcock wants to turn him into the next generation grinder. His 4 points in 3 games with Matthews has made a legitimate case to keep him on that wing when Nylander comes back. I would roll Kapanen - Matthews - Nylander, once Willy signs on the dotted line.

    This hot start to October looks to be a trend here in Toronto, the 5 game splits are almost even:
    Wins: 4
    Loss: 1
    Goals F: 26
    Goals A: 19
    DIFF: +7
    Shots For: 188
    Shots Against: 158
    DIFF: +30
    Wins: 4
    Loss: 1
    Goals For: 25
    Goals Against: 18
    DIFF: +7
    Shots F: 162
    Shots Against: 149
    DIFF: +13

    You either live by the power play or die by the power play!

    The considerable difference this season, how lethal our power play unit is. Currently tied with Dallas for a 50% success rate, it makes you wonder if these highly potent power plays are here to stay. 12 teams have >25% power play, up from 8 last year. The most significant difference is in the top 5 where 4 teams are over 35%, Washington, Bruins, Stars, and Leafs, compared to none at this point in October 2017.

    Tonight marks the first significant test for Toronto against the defending Stanley Cup Champions. Andersen needs to compete for a full 60 minutes, if history repeats itself, watch out a for a big game. In game 5 of last season, Anderson posted a 2-0 shutout, blanking none other than, the Washington Capitals!

    Come on boys, get out there and slay your demons, keep shutting up the haters.

    This is our time, and it continues tonight!
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