2006 WJC – Flyer’s Edition

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    2006 WJC – Flyer’s Edition

    Flyers’ have no North American representation but boast 2 Slovaks and 1 Russian in the 2006 World Junior Championships, two of them are Buffalo Sabres draft picks, while Valibik is an Atlanta draft pick.

    1. Marek Zagrapan – The 6 foot 200 pound centre was drafted 13th overall by Buffalo in 2005. He currently sits 10th overall in points in the Q playing for Chicoutami. The 2006 WJC will be a great forum for Zagrapan to showcase his playmaking talents as he was a relative unknown last year. One of the knocks on Marek was that he wasn’t a goal scorer but he’s quieted down that talk this year with 22 goals in 33 games. He’ll be expected to be a leader and be an offensive force for Slovakia.

    2. Boris Valabik – Boris has struggled since being drafted by Atlanta 10th overall in 2003. However, Boris was always considered a long-term project. “I’m confident that I will success in the pros. Injuries really slowed me down last year but I’m happy with my play this year.†The 2006 WJC will highlight just how much or how little Boris has progressed especially in his skating and agility. Boris may be teamed with 6’7†Vladimir Mihalik, which will unofficially form the biggest defensive pairing in WJC history. “We’re excited to see Boris in the WJC playing against the top junior offensive talent. Boris feels he has something to prove and we feel that this tournament will re-establish him as a top prospect in the hockey community,†said GM Mannarino.

    3. Vjateslav Buravchikov – The Vjateslav Buravchikov (6’1†190 pds) was a 6th round pick of the Buffalo Sabres in the 2005 draft, a big disappointment for Vjateslav as he was projected to be a 2nd round pick. The HF Flyers moved up and paid a high price to select Buravchikov in the second round. “All our scouts raved about his speed, puck movement and shot. They still believe that Buravchikov will be become a premiere player and a powerplay specialist.†The Flyers were temporarily vindicated when Russia chose Buravchikov for the WJC again in 2006 after he had 7 points in 6 games last year.
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