2005 Free Agency Season is now open

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Dr.Sens(e), Jun 17, 2005.

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    The HFNHL Free Agency season is now open.

    Given the majority of free agents were signed last summer and a new HFNHL collective bargaining agreement is being finalized that will see all 2004-2005 contracts frozen and applied towards this season, there is a limit to bidding on the following types of free agents:
    - Remaining free agents from last season (see list below)
    - Graduated and un-drafted college players are now free agents
    - 20 year old unsigned and un-drafted North Americans are now free agents (had to be 20 as of January 1st, 2005)

    Please keep in mind that the anticipated 25% payroll deduction DOES NOT apply to any of these signings. Also be aware that 50% of the signing bonus will apply towards the 2005-2006 HFNHL salary cap.

    The 2005-2006 HFNHL rookie maximum will be $1,000,000 (including averaged signing bonus).

    Mikael Samuelsson
    Sandy McCarthy, Calgary
    Igor Larionov, Washington
    Peter Ferraro, Calgary
    Adam Graves, Ottawa
    Kelly Buchburger, Carolina
    Brent Gilchrist, Phoenix
    Ted Donato, Philadelphia
    Willie Levesque, New Jersey
    David Harlock, Calgary
    Kent Manderville, Buffalo
    Domenic Pittis, Carolina
    Jonathan Gagnon, Toronto
    Morgan Warren, Toronto
    Eric Gooldy, Toronto
    Steve Brule, Detroit
    Jason Ulmer, Buffalo
    Michael Schutte, Detroit
    Dmitre Yakushin, Buffalo
    Jeff Hamilton, Buffalo
    Sean Haggerty, Buffalo
    Billy Tibbetts, Edmonton
    Vladimir Chebartukin, Edmonton *
    Greg Crozier, Pittsburgh
    Derek Schutz, Colorado
    Reid Simpson, Colorado
    Paul Ranheim, Colorado
    Erik Anderson, Carolina
    Blake Robson, Carolina
    Jay Henderson, Carolina
    Frank Bahma, NY Rangers
    Chris Herperger, Dallas
    Carl Corazzini, Vancouver
    Ryan Barnes, Vancouver
    Jeremy Reich, Vancouver
    Colin Forbes, Vancouver
    Shjon Podein, Vancouver
    Rob Valicivec, Vancouver
    Aaron Gavey, Vancouver
    Sergei Berezin, Vancouver
    Lucas Lawson, San Jose
    Maxim Balmochnykh, San Jose
    Igor Valeev, San Jose
    Jeff Panzer, San Jose
    Mark Lawrence, Minnesota
    Bryan Lundbolm, Columbus
    Darryl Laplante, Columbus
    Joe Sacco, Columbus
    Matt Doman, Columbus
    Patrick Foley, Columbus
    Paul Elliott, Columbus

    Julien Vauclair
    Igor Kravchuk, Nashville
    Patrick Traverse, Florida
    Jaroslav Obsut, Florida
    Dallas Eakins, Carolina
    Curtis Murphy, Carolina
    Sean Connolly, New Jersey
    Mark Cullen, NY Islanders

    Byron Dafoe
    Milan Hnilicka, Buffalo (Europe)
    J-F Damphousse, Los Angeles
    Alfie Michaud, Edmonton
    Derek Gustafson, Calgary
    Robbie Tallas, Dallas
    Jamie Hodson, Toronto
    Martin Brochu, Vancouver
    Brandon Boxma, Toronto
    Scott Myers, Buffalo
    Chad Alban, Ottawa
    Scott Meyer, Detroit
    Frederic Cloutier, Detroit
    Chad Alban, Ottawa
    Tom Lawson, NY Islanders

    If you believe you may have signed one of these players previously, please let me know immediately. Some of the moves from this fall have been lost due my destructive behaviour after being informed of the cancellation of the 2004-2005 HFNHL season.

    With this new off-season also brings new prospect releases. This is important in anticipation of the 2005 Entry draft as teams are limited to 50 prospects post-2005 Entry draft.

    The deadline for this round of free agency will by Sunday, July 17th at midnight.
    A reminder on the format for submission, specifically:

    Please read these rules very carefully. We will not listen to any complaints from people who fail to follow these simple rules, and keep in mind that submitting in the wrong format will result in your offer being ignored.

    I. All offers must be sent to “[email protected]†with a subject of "HFNHL Contract Offers: Team Name". If you send an email with a different subject it will not be sorted properly and may be lost.

    II. All offers should be in the following format:
    Rank Player Name Prev Team: Base Salary x No. Years + Bonus
    For Example:
    1. Wayne Gretzky EDM: $10,000,000 x 4 years + $2,000,000 bonus
    1. Gordie Howe DET: $10,000,000 x 4 years + $2,000,000 bonus
    2. Guy Lafleur MON: $8,000,000 x 4 years + $1,000,000 bonus

    1. Bobby Orr BOS: $10,000,000 x 4 years + $2,000,000 bonus
    2. Paul Coffey DET: $5,000,000 x 4 years + $1,000,000 bonus

    1. Mike Ricci SJ: $1,500,000 x 2 years + $500,000 bonus
    2. Darcy Tucker TOR: $1,250,000 x 4 years + $350,000 bonus

    In the above instance, you would sign Gretzky, Howe, Orr, Ricci if your bids were the best on all 3. Lafleur would only be signed if you failed to land Gretzky or Howe, while Coffey would only be signed if you failed to land Orr and Tucker if you failed to sign Ricci. Basically, since all negotiation happens at once, this allows you to not get stuck with more players than you wanted. You can have as many groupings as you want, and list third and fourth etc choices as well.

    The only bonus allowed is a signing bonus. There are no performance bonuses.

    III. Bids are due by Midnight on the July 17th.

    IV. Bids will be reviewed based on formulas which weigh the differing values of signing bonus, total salary (base * years), ice time, linemates, contender status, player loyalty, etc.
    - If one bid is clearly superior (rating at least 20% higher than the next highest bid), the player will sign immediately with that team**
    - If one bid is received, the player will sign with that team**
    - If three or more bids are received and none sign the player in the first round, there will be a second round (and ONLY one more round) of bidding, with the top three bidding teams participating, and going through the same review process. At the end of this second round, the top bid will sign the player**

    ** - IMPORTANT NOTE - if the best offers received for a player are obviously well below legitimate market value (for example, signing LW Ray Whitney to a $1 million contract), the league office retains the right to have the player hold out and wait to receive a better offer at another point in the season. They have to feel the offer is a good one first, then the team holding the rights has the choice to match or not. Those players who obviously only have one or two years left will not give much extra consideration to contracts clearly beyond their liable duration. For example, if Doug Gilmour were a UFA and offered a 4-year deal, only the first few years of those offers would likely be counted in comparing offer values (in addition to any signing bonus of course).

    V. All offers are final.


    VI. Teams can bid on any of the players listed in the file, plus eligible players not represented in the HFNHL (overage juniors [over 20], graduated college players, etc., but NOT un-drafted Europeans or players in college).

    VI. Nick Quain will be submitted his offers to Rich Epstein given past questions as to his connections with my office. His offers will be submitted no later than July 10th, so if you have concerns over his potentially seeing your offer, do not submit yours before that date.

    Please post any questions regarding this process on the message board (where this will also be posted).


    Reggie Swingstein
    HFNHL Player Agent
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  2. kasper11

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    Are we doing prospect releases?
  3. godlh

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    Leafs signings...

    Mr. Swingsteen...here are players from this list that the Leafs signed last season...

    Pascal Rheaume
    Cory Larose
    Brad Larsen
    Tommy Albelin (now retired)
    Allan Roarke
    Wade Flaherty

    Thank you,
  4. Tampa GM

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  5. The ratings file is still available in the files section of our Yahoo group.
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